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More C-sections = fewer lawsuits

Defensive medicine works. A recent study shows that obstetricians who have higher C-section rates are far less likely to be sued than those who have low C-section rates. Why? [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]There is a potential solution but insurers won’t pay for it.[/pullquote] There are two possible reasons: obstetricians who have higher […]

What is trying to accomplish by encouraging the woman in the forced episiotomy video to file a lawsuit she can’t win?

I don’t get it. And, of course, the folks at won’t explain it or even respond to my tweets. I’ve written before about the shameless way that both and Human Rights in Childbirth have relentlessly exploited “Kelly” (her real name appears to be posted with the YouTube video, but IB and HRiC have […]

Lawsuit update #12: settlement

We’ve settled the lawsuit: The parties have entered into a settlement agreement which has resolved all claims and controversies to their mutual satisfaction.

Lawsuit update #11: legal analysis

I’ve been somewhat remiss in posting updates, but I’ve had good excuses. Last week I was in Maui, speaking at the ACOG district conference. Then I took the red-eye to the West Coast to attend my son’s wedding, which was awesome. In the interim, there have been multiple articles about the lawsuit. Mass Lawyer’s Weekly […]

Lawsuit update #10: good news!

I’m pleased to report that the judge agreed with our arguments and those of the Electronic Frontier Foundation/Digital Media Law Project of Harvard Law School and denied Gina Crosley-Corcoran’s motion to dismiss my lawsuit. The case will be going forward in Massachusetts. EFF makes the valid point that even a two-week improper removal of lawful […]

Lawsuit update #9: going to court

Today we appeared in Federal Court in Boston, to hear oral argument on motions in my case against Gina Crosley-Corcoran. It was an amazing experience. For over two hours I listened to a series of excellent lawyers explain and argue the various aspects of the case. I was extremely pleased with my lawyers’ presentations and […]

Lawsuit update #8

For someone who is claiming that her case should be dismissed because of the hardship of litigating in Massachusetts, Gina is doing a lot of litigating in Massachusetts. She and her lawyer are blizzarding us with motions, even without first conferring with my lawyers, as the rules require. You may remember that in the last […]

Lawsuit update #7: We’re going to court

The judge has granted us a hearing on the Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction and the substantive issue of the DMCA take-down notices! It’s due to take place in late June.

No, the details of the dispute underlying the lawsuit are not silly

On Monday Techdirt published yet another piece on my lawsuit against Gina, MPAA Freaks Out: Insists That Having To Consider Fair Use Before Filing A DMCA Takedown Would Be Crazy: Is it really any surprise that the MPAA suddenly took notice of the case after the EFF filed an amicus brief? The MPAA had to […]

Lawsuit update #6: Let’s take a look at the documents

Techdirt’s article on my lawsuit mentions a key issue: …. [Gina’s brief] then says that the move away from the second host, DaringHost, was because the site was getting too much traffic, and the owner of DaringHost, supplied a deposition stating that he had explained this to Tuteur. Gina seems to go to great lengths […]