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Lawsuit update #5: Really?

Yesterday Gina’s lawyer filed a brief in response to my Memorandum to show cause. You can read the full brief below. In it Gina asserts that my original host, Bluehost, never took down my blog: Tuteur’s failure to allege that BlueHost took down her site is not inadvertent. As Tuteur is well aware, once she […]

Lawsuit update 4: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Harvard Law School Digital Media Project file to submit an amicus brief in support of my claim

In my last update, I reported: … [The judge] questioned whether I am entitled to sue Gina for DMCA abuse and tortious interference with Bluehost over one DMCA notice. It is unclear why the judge made no mention of the DMCA notices sent to my second host or the fact that Gina was soliciting others […]

Lawsuit update 3 – disappointed!

The judge issued a preliminary ruling today, focusing not on whether the court has jurisdiction over Gina, but instead questioning the merits of the case. Interestingly, he said that I would probably win the case if Gina had sued me for copyright violation, since the image probably meets the fair use exception and Gina may […]

Lawsuit update 2

Here’s what I’ve learned about lawsuits so far: they take a really, really long time. We’re still in the preliminary phase, discussing procedural issues. We have not gotten to the actual case. You may recall the Gina filed a motion to dismiss the case in Massachusetts, where I live, arguing that it can’t be brought […]

Lawsuit update

As promised, I’m providing an update on my lawsuit against Gina Crosley-Corcoran. The short version: After several delays, Gina’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss based on jurisdiction, just as we expected. The issue is whether I can sue Gina in Massachusetts or must I sue her in Illinois. There is case law on both […]


Moments ago I filed a lawsuit against Gina Crosley-Corcoran in Federal Court in Massachusetts that includes claims that Gina unlawfully sent false notices (called “takedown notices”) under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and for tortious interference with my contracts with webhosts. I did not make this decision lightly. A lawsuit is a serious matter, […]

Supreme irony: doctors join patients in praise of lawsuits

Lost in the excitement about the impending election, an important alliance has been getting short shrift. Doctors have come to the aid of patients opposing big Pharma in a major Supreme Court case. Yesterday’s Supreme Court argument, Wyeth v. Levine, has the potential to dismantle existing consumer protections. Patients should be worried. Doctors are worried […]

We’re in a crisis that only doctors, scientists and Big Pharma can end

I spend a lot of time writing to, for and about people who are profoundly cynical regarding medicine, science and pharmaceutical companies. Some are sure that doctors are useless, if not harmful. They feel free to ignore expert scientific advice (e.g. climate change) and they are absolutely certain that Big Pharma provides nothing that has […]

Lamaze and Hannah Dahlen demonstrate moral bankruptcy

You can’t make this stuff up! If Lamaze International and Hannah Dahlen wanted to demonstrate their contempt for the wellbeing of mothers and babies, they couldn’t do better than to promote Robert Biter as a feature speaker at their Australian conference. Nothing illustrates contempt for women quite like featuring a doctor stripped of his license […]

Mother awarded $11 million after she was denied a requested C-section and suffered incontinence

Many juries have awarded large judgments for babies harmed by failure to perform a necessary C-section. This is the first case I’ve heard about where the large judgment was awarded for failure to perform a requested C-section and the mother suffered the injury. According to The Intelligencer: [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Women have […]