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No, breastfeeding does not prevent maternal diabetes

Another day, another bullshit breastfeeding study. This one is Lactation Duration and Progression to Diabetes in Women Across the Childbearing YearsThe 30-Year CARDIA Study: Among young white and black women in this observational 30-year study, increasing lactation duration was associated with a strong, graded 25% to 47% relative reduction in the incidence of diabetes even […]

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Anti-vaccine sentiment: a mile wide but an inch deep

In the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak, I wrote about what I believe to be the drivers of anti-vaccine sentiment: privilege, defiance and parental ego. We have to confront anti-vax parents where they live β€” in their egos. When refusing to vaccinate your children is widely viewed as selfish, irresponsible, and the hallmark of […]

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False reassurance, the medical error killing new mothers

When people think about medical errors they imagine mistakes like prescribing the wrong medication, performing the wrong surgery, or leaving a sponge inside a patient. Sadly, there are many technical errors like this, but often the worst medical errors β€” and the most insidious β€” are the simplest. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine anything that […]

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