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A moral duty to breastfeed implies a moral duty to vaccinate and reject co-sleeping and homebirth

Philosophy professor Fiona Woollard has written a fascinating paper on the issue of breastfeeding and maternal duties entitled Is It Okay to Let My Child Be Stung by a Wasp? New mothers report feeling shamed for not breastfeeding, and constantly having to defend their use of infant formula from strangers on social media or in […]

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The pseudoscience of bonding and the effort to control women

Nearly everything you think you know about mother-infant bonding is untrue … and that’s not an accident. Where did the pseudoscientific beliefs about bonding come from and why did they appear when they did? It wasn’t because we were experiencing an epidemic of unbonded children. Why have pseudoscientific beliefs been maintained for the past generation? […]

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ICAN of Huntsville crucifies a physician ally

It started with a sign. Please let us know if you hire a doula during your pregnancy as Dr. Aguayo has decided not to collaborate with doulas or other lay support people… Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns at your appointment. It has escalated to a full fledged attack on a doctor […]

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