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How many dead babies does it take for a homebirth doctor to lose her license?

I’ve been writing about homebirth in one forum or another for more than 25 years. During that time I’ve seen some egregiously incompetent providers, but the case of Sarita Bennett, DO CPM, Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Midwives Alliance of North America may be the most chilling yet. Again and again and […]

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The politics of ignorance

Ignorance is not merely an absence of knowledge. Sometimes it’s the product of a deliberate effort to replace knowledge with doubt or even lies. Classic examples come from business. The opioid crisis was triggered when Purdue Pharma lied to doctors about the addictive potential of OxyContin. We were told that it was not addictive so […]

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What do anti-vaxxers mean when they talk about freedom?

First they refused to wear masks to protect themselves and prevent the transmission of the deadly coronavirus. Now they’re refusing to take a vaccine that will both protect them and reduce transmission of the disease. Why do they refuse? – In part it’s conservative Republican political motivations and the desire to signal loyalty. – In […]

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