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Bashing breastfeeding?

If you’ve been on The Skeptical OB Facebook page this week you’ve probably noticed a seemingly never ending parade of lactivists dropping in to rail at me. What have I done this time? I’ve dared to insist that #fedisbest. In response I’ve been repeatedly accused of “bashing” breastfeeding. Why? Apparently because I’ve dare to tell […]

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Milk Meg and the marsupialization of mothers

Maybe it’s because she lives in Australia, but Meg Nagle, the Milk Meg, appears to believe that mothers are marsupials. Human beings, like nearly all mammal species, are placentals. We have relatively long pregnancies during which we nourish our young through the placenta. The placenta is a complex organ that allows for indirect communication between […]

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WWJI: Who would Jesus insure?

I first asked this question in 2009 during the months in which Congress debated the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare). I was struggling with the irony of religious conservatives, who have a sordid history of trying to force religion into medicine, rejecting the effort to provide health insurance for all Americans. I […]

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