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Breastfeeding and marijuana

Would you let your baby smoke pot? This mother does: That’s what she is doing when she smokes pot while breastfeeding. Indeed, the baby gets a GREATER concentration of active ingredients than the mother does. The mother wrote: Need a safe place to share this beautiful picture … Perhaps the fact that she was high […]

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Dr. Jack Newman, professional breastfeeding scold, strikes out

Adam Conover of “Adam Ruins Everything” recently released a video debunking claims about the supposed superiority of breastmilk compared to formula. It hilarious! My favorite line is “Formula has autism in it.” In the video, Courtney Jung, author of the book Lactivism, pops out of a can of formula to point out that there is […]

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Who believes in quackery?

We are arguably living in a golden age of medical science. The great infectious scourges of history — smallpox, diphtheria, polio — have been nearly vanquished by vaccines. Previously deadly infections like appendicitis can be cured with surgery. Cancer and heart disease are yielding their secrets and conditions once thought to be due to sorcery […]

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