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In their willingness to embrace fake news, alternative health advocates are no better than Trump supporters

One of the most bewildering, depressing things about Trump supporters is their willingness to embrace complete lies offered to them as fake news. As The Washington Post notes, despite a disasterous first month of the presidency, filled with huge blunders, outrageous lies, and feuds of his own making, Trump supporters think he is doing a […]

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An open letter to Lucy Martinez Sullivan, Executive Director of 1000 Days

Dear Ms. Martinez Sullivan, Have you lost your mind? What are you doing posting a picture of a dead baby on the Facebook page of the Fed Is Best Foundation? You’re not a random lactivist. I see from your bio that you are the Executive Director of children’s nutrition organization 1000 Days: We believe that […]

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Why safe health choices are viewed as dangerous and dangerous health choices are viewed as safe

What’s the difference between risk assessment and risk perception? This: How extraordinary! The richest, longest-lived, best-protected, most resourceful civilization, with the highest degree of insight into its own technology, is on its way to becoming one of the most frightened. As political scientist Aaron Wildavsky notes, Americans are frightened of health risks. There’s just one […]

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