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Is contemporary midwifery merely unreflective defiance of obstetrics?

Why have midwives hit out with such vehemence at the ARRIVE Trial that found elective induction at 39 weeks lowers the risk of C-section? Because they recognize that this represents a crossroads for contemporary midwifery. The foundation of contemporary midwifery is: 1. The belief that childbirth interventions inevitably lead to more interventions, often culminating in […]

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The ideology of Amy Tuteur: her baby, her body, her choice!

When my boys were small and were angry with me, they would respond with what they considered a devastating insult: “You are a poopy-head.” Needless to say, it rarely produced the desired response. Instead I laughed. I was reminded of that when I came across Milli Hill’s latest tweet berating loss father James Titcombe: [S]ince […]

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Has improved nutrition made childbirth more dangerous?

There’s one pregnancy intervention that everyone — midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, obstetricians — can agree on: promoting optimal nutrition. We encourage women to get all the calories necessary to grow a baby as well as the full daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. We assume that will improve pregnancy outcomes by improving the health of […]

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