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Ina May Gaskin and medical colonialism

It’s not up to me to accept or reject Ina May Gaskin’s apology for her racist comments: …[M]y answer to a Texas Conference Q & A question has caused a great deal of hurt, and was insulting and demeaning to many, especially Women, and People, of Color. While the intent behind my answer was anything […]

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Ina May Gaskin and the racism of natural childbirth advocacy

In the wake of a lecture by Ina May Gaskin, sponsored by the Texas Birth Network, birth workers Tasha Portley, R.N, M.S.N, C.C.M, C.P.ST, Erricka Bailey, CD, Jasmine Banks, L.A.C have created the petition Demand ICAN and TBN Trust BLACK Women. Yesterday during a session at the Texas Birth Network “Birth Roundup” registered nurse Tasha […]

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Why I’m marching for science

I’m looking foward to partipating in the March for Science in Washington, DC this Saturday. I’m bringing my March for Science T-shirt, my rain gear and my passionate commitment to the value of science in improving the human condition. Therefore, I was disappointed to read Arthur Lambert’s piece in STAT, Why I’m not attending the […]

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