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What’s the difference between lactation professionals and infant feeding safety experts?

Lactivist Prof. Amy Brown has a new piece on The Conversation this morning. It’s entitled Breastfeeding is not ‘easy’ – stop telling new mothers that it is and it’s a clumsy effort to deny that lactation professionals have spent the last decade pressuring, shaming and blaming women who can’t or don’t breastfeed. It’s difficult to […]

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Lactivists and midwives demonstrate how to respond unethically to a recommendation that caused unintended harm

What’s the ethical response when a provider learns that a course of action she recommended has caused unintended harm? Lactation consultants believe (because they teach and tell each other) that breastfeeding is best for every baby. As a result, they have harmed tens of thousands of babies and mothers for whom breastfeeding will never and […]

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Lactivists can’t bear to apologize for the harm they’ve caused

Lactivists are spluttering on Twitter. They’ve been apprised over and over again about the harm that they’ve caused: The epidemic of neonatal hospital readmissions (tens of thousands per year) for dehydration, hypoglycemia and jaundice. The permanent brain injuries and deaths that result. The heartless closing of well baby nurseries to force women to undertake full […]

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