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Anti-vaxxers, where did you get the idea I care about what you think?

Yesterday I expounded upon The extraordinary conceit of anti-vaxxers on my Facebook page: When it comes to the benefits of vaccination, there is rare unanimity across scientific disciplines and across national borders. Nearly every immunologist in every country promotes vaccination as life saving and safe; nearly every pediatrician in every country recommends vaccination as the […]

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The frightening prognosis of breastfeeding dehydration

A new paper in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, Predictability of prognosis of infantile hypernatremic dehydration: a prospective cohort study sheds light on the outcome of newborn dehydration due to insufficient breastmilk. It highlights the severity of the problem, the risk factors and the prognostic signs. I find it particularly interesting because it […]

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An academic critique of contemporary breastfeeding promotion

A new paper succinctly lays out the academic critique of contemporary breastfeeding promotion, and basically recapitulates most of the arguments I have been making for years. The paper is Discourses and critiques of breastfeeding and their implications for midwives and health professionals by midwives Smyth and Hyde. While the slogan ‘breast is best’ has historically […]

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