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Let’s apply 3rd party drunk driving laws to COVID denialists

Injuries and deaths resulting from COVID denialism are soaring. One reason is that there are no penalties for denialists. We ought to change that by applying 3rd party laws — requiring large financial payouts — to COVID denialists. How? We can adapt existing 3rd party drunk driving laws. Injuries and accidents resulting from drunk driving […]

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Improve your science information diet

To stay healthy you need to eat right and exercise. Those who don’t can end up obese and sick. To stay informed about science you need to read “right” and exercise your critical faculties. Those who don’t often end up intellectually flabby and sick. Science denialists — be they COVID denialists, vaccine denialists or climate […]

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Anti-maskers are COVID snowflakes

One of the greatest ironies of the alt-right is how conservatives have eagerly embraced previously despised attributes of liberals. After years of decrying political correctness, micro-aggressions and trigger warnings, we now have a group of people — COVID denialists — who think they are special snowflakes. What’s a special snowflake? According to Urban Dictionary: A […]

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