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The clinical factors behind UK’s soaring maternity liability payments

Yesterday I wrote about the single most important reason for the UK’s massive maternity payouts: the failure to properly investigate bad outcomes and the resulting failure to learn from them. That was the finding of a just released report, Five years of cerebral palsy claims: A thematic review of NHS Resolution data. The author of […]

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The single most important reason why UK maternity liability claims are skyrocketing

Last month I wrote a series of posts about the decision by the Royal College of Midwives to shutter its Campaign for Normal Birth. Although the RCM leadership denied it, some going so far as to claim dead and injured babies are “fake news,” the campaign was stopped because of skyrocketing rates of maternity liability […]

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Drs. Bartick and Stuebe, please withdraw the fallacious Breastfeeding Savings Calculator

You have to give Drs. Melissa Bartick and Alison Stuebe credit for brazenness. Not only do they still insist that increasing breastfeeding rates saves money, despite a complete lack of evidence, they have created a “calculator” to estimate the fallacious savings. Using current literature on the associations between breastfeeding and maternal and pediatric health, we […]

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