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The tribal epistemology of lactivism and natural childbirth advocates

I’ve written before about the tribalism of natural parenting advocates. According to sociologist Jan Macvarish: The idea of ‘parental tribalism’ … [is] descriptive of a tendency among individuals to form their identities through the way they parent, or perhaps more precisely, through differentiating themselves from the way some parents parent and identifying with others … […]

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Alison Stuebe’s no good, very bad analogy between formula and tobacco

Sometimes I wonder if lactivists think what they say before they say it. Consider this tweet from Dr. Alison Stuebe of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Parallels between big tobacco tactics and big formula tactics – look how doubt it being peddled to mother That tweet is offensive on so many levels that it is […]

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Honesty Is Best

Is it ethical to lie to patients when you are doing it in their best interests? I suspect most of us would answer ‘no.’ Lying to patients deprives them of moral agency, impairs their ability to give informed consent and is shockingly paternalistic. The liar imagines that he or she knows better than the patient […]

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