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Did breastfeeding save lives in Shelby County Tennessee?

It’s just the kind of evidence I have been looking for. I’ve relentlessly hammered the point that although small studies suggest that breastfeeding has benefits in industrialized countries, population data has failed to demonstrate the predicted benefits in real world experience. The decreases in infant mortality of term babies, reduced incidence of various conditions and […]

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Mike Woolridge responds

On Saturday, I took Mike Woolridge, former director of Baby Friendly UK, to task over his inability to demonstrate the benefits of breastfeeding that he claims exist. Mike has written a variety of highly offensive things. In response to the many women commenting whose babies have suffered from insufficient breastmilk, he obnoxiously declared: They’re NOT […]

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100% of Maasai women breastfeed for a year or more but they’re doing it wrong

A recent paper on the breastfeeding practices of African Maasai women is filled with startling statistics. According to Maternal perceptions of breastfeeding and infant nutrition among a select group of Maasai women in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth: 100% of the women breastfed Nearly 100% began breastfeeding within an hour of birth. 100% breastfed for a […]

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