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The mother of all lactivist lies bites the dust

Suppose I told you that there was a substance that when used judiciously in the first few days of life increases breastfeeding rates, reduces hospital readmissions and has no impact on the infant gut microbiome? That substance exists; it’s called: formula. Surprised? You might be if you believed the endless stream of lies that the […]

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“Fed Is Best” is winning

I have the deepest admiration for Dr. Christie del Castillo-Hegyi and Jody Seagrave Daly, RN, IBCLC. They created and maintain the Fed Is Best Foundation in the face of tremendous opposition from the breastfeeding industry. Their initial goal was simple: acknowledgement of the widespread risk of insufficient breastmilk and its harmful consequences including dehydratrion, hypoglycemia, […]

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Forceps more likely to hurt mothers and babies than C-sections

I’ve been writing recently about the moral panic surrounding C-sections. A moral panic is a widespread fear, most often an irrational one, that someone or something is a threat to the values, safety, and interests of a community or society at large. The handwringing about the high US C-section rate of 32% is a widespread […]

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