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How much impact do confounding variables have on the cognitive benefits of breastfeeding? This little.

Do the purported benefits of breastfeeding really exist or are they merely artifacts of wealth, health and privilege. A new paper dramatically demonstrates what happens to the benefits of breastfeeding when you take confounding variables into account. The paper is To what extent does confounding explain the association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development up […]

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Natural mothering is fear based mothering

The organizing principle of contemporary mothering ideology (aka attachment parenting) is NOT nature as its proponents like to pretend. It’s not intuition as its most stalwart ideologues insist. And it’s certainly not science. The organizing principle of contemporary mothering ideology is FEAR. Every aspect, from natural childbirth to breastfeeding to baby wearing, is designed to […]

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Radical feminists disrespect women and harm feminism

One of the greatest ironies of radical feminism is that it is both disrespectful to women and harmful to the feminist project. Consider this comment left on my Facebook page by a radical feminist: [H]ow does anyone, not only women, make decisions in a patriarchal society that aren’t limited by patriarchal structures? Have you developed […]

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