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Why does The Lancet use an optimal C-section rate that has been debunked? Truthiness!

I’ve written many times about the obstetric lie that will not die: the unsubstantiated “optimal” C-section rate of less than 15%. It was fabricated from whole cloth in 1985, apparently to suit the prejudices of the man behind it. There was never any evidence to support it. It was officially debunked in 2015 when it […]

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Trumpification of breastfeeding research

Politicians lie. That fact is as old as the oldest forms of government, but recently there’s been a new innovation, Trumpification. It used to be then when caught in a lie, politicians either walked back the lie or apologized for it. Trumpification calls for those caught in lies to double down on them. The current […]

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Breast is best … except when it’s not!

Kudos to the Journal of Human Lactation for publishing a paper that challenges a central lactivist assumption. The paper is Breast Is Best . . . Except When It’s Not by Lynne M. McIntyre, MSW, Adrienne Marks Griffen, MPP, Karlynn BrintzenhofeSzoc, PhD. Each woman suffered postpartum depression: We come to the intersection of PMADs [perinatal […]

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