Send midwife Lisa Barrett to jail

Another baby is in critical condition after a Lisa Barrett homebirth.

You remember Barrett, the midwife found responsible for multiple homebirth deaths, right?

Let’s review. Thus far Barrett has been present at 5 separate homebirths that resulted in the death of a baby:

1. shoulder dystocia
2. breech, trapped head
3. second twin
4. second twin
5. breech, trapped head

Back in July I wrote about the Coroner’s report which aggregated 4 of the homebirth deaths she has presided over (Coroner: Homebirth deaths at Lisa Barrett’s hands were entirely preventable). The Coroner was scathing, declaring that all 4 deaths could have been prevented had the mothers received care from a competent practitioner in the hospital setting.

Now Barrett has done it again. She has presided over another high risk birth and a baby is fighting for its life. Here’s the first report from Australia’s News Ten:

In November I wrote about Barrett’s self-pitying response to the Coroner’s report. Barrett has never expressed even a scintilla of remorse or regret for 5 dead babies who didn’t have to die. That’s not surprising since she got what she wanted: attention, and an opportunity to portray herself as a martyr. The mothers ended up with a grief that will never leave them and the babies end up robbed of life itself.

Apparently it does not matter to Barrett how many babies are hurt or die in the attempt to feed her insatiable need for attention and validation. It seems to me that the only way she can be stopped, and the only way that other babies can be protected, is to send her to jail for a decade or two. There she will have the opportunity to contemplate her gross incompetence, and the horror that has created for the women and babies she was supposed to serve.


Addendum: The baby died on New Year’s Eve. 

  • Joy Poortier

    Over 6,000000 babies die every year around the world a horrific statistic, set down by the W.H.O. in 2011, many of them probably occur in 3rd world countries. As Midwives we are determined to bring that number down as best we can. We don’t need a Midwife like LB destroying what we are trying to do. Thank God they have banned her from attending births in SA or providing Health service to any pregnant woman.

  • Guest

    This woman has been banned from attending births in South Australia or she will face prison and/or a fine.

    Dr. Amy please do a story on this ban and help spread the word.

  • Ben Heard

    A finding handed down today has prevented, I believe, LB from ever providing health services again, and apparently slammed her decision to continue doing so while inquests into three deaths were underway. Have not found a link yet but just caught this briefly on the news.

    • Guest

      I posted the link 2 days ago, see the post immediately under yours. I have just now posted a link to a news story. It’s finally broken in the news here but in a fairly tame manner. The media should be angrier.

  • Guest
    • DaisyGrrl

      That was one angry official! Thanks for posting this. I’m glad to see that she’s been told to stay away from pregnant women and newborns. Here’s hoping she listens…

  • Denise Rehfuss

    This woman is dangerous and should be in prison.


    Maybe someone needs to post all the birth’s you were involved in that ended in death or damage and post that all over the internet. Don’t say there aren’t any because that would be a lie.

    You are the common definition of troll and thank God you are no longer practising because it’s OB’S such as yourself that drive women to home birth.

    Spew your venom because most people are not stupid and see you and many other OB’S for the cut happy sadistic’s that you are.

    I can’t believe that an educated women like yourself would stoop to online bullying. Check your self please because like I said it is your attitude that is driving women to home birth. I can understand you wanting to fight because OB’S are losing credibility on a massive scale but this is not classy by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Lisa the Raptor

      You understand the difference between preventable death and unfortunate events that we can’t prevent as of yet don’t you? By the way, This s Dr. Amy’s blog, her space. She can say what she likes here. Oh, an Lisa Barrett is going to jail. If not today then at some point and I’ll praise the day it happens. Cheers!

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