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New study shows how homebirth COULD be safe in the US

To date there has not been a single US study that shows that homebirth in the US is safe. All the existing studies show that US birth at home has a perinatal death rate from 3-9X higher than comparable risk hospital birth. Until now. A recently published study from Washington State shows how homebirth COULD […]

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This slur should be banned from the lactivist lexicon

It’s appalling to find that at the outset of the year 2022, lactation professionals are still using their favorite slur. Do they continue to use the slur because they think women are inherently untrustworthy? Do they continue to use the slur because they refuse to learn from scientific evidence? Or do they continue to use […]

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How the social construction of breastfeeding leads to recommendations that are often faulty and sometimes deadly

If you want to understand contemporary lactivism — and its tenets that exist independent of or even in direct opposition to — scientific evidence, you need to understand the social movements behind them. The phrase ”breast is best” is a social construct masquerading as a medical claim. Contemporary lactivism owes its origins to two social […]

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