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Trust doubt?

Is there anyone more gullible than a COVID denier? Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead and deniers are still not sure the disease is dangerous. Mask use prevented million of cases but they wouldn’t wear them. New vaccines are dramatically effective with few reported side effects but they won’t take them. Why are they […]

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Maternal request C-sections are SAFER for babies and mothers

It has long been known that C-sections are safer for babies than vaginal birth. Now a new study on maternal request C-sections shows that they may be safer for mothers. As the Times of London explains, Cesarean section no riskier for mother or baby: Women who plan to have a caesarean section are no more […]

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How dare lactation professionals force an unconscious woman to breastfeed?

Medical patients are uniquely vulnerable. Ill, in pain and immersed in a system where the professionals seem to speak a foreign language, hospitalized individuals require special ethical and legal protections to make sure healthcare providers do not take advantage of them. That’s especially true for unconscious individuals who are incapable of speaking for themselves. There […]

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