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COVID anti-vax as a form of loyalty signaling

COVID anti-vax is unlike the anti-vaccine movements that came before it. Traditional anti-vax is about fear of side effects. Moreover, traditional anti-vaxxers oppose vaccines for diseases that are under control. The average person is unlikely to see a case of polio or diphtheria so they imagine that if they haven’t seen a disease, it can’t […]

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How COVID got anti-vaxxers to promote deadly variants

Since time out of mind human beings and microorganisms have been engaged in an accelerating arms race. Diseases have found novel ways to infect us and we have found novel ways to fight back. First we evolved genes that help us resist disease; much later we learned to use natural antibiotics produced by other living […]

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Doing your own research: what’s possible and what’s not.

Yesterday I posted a link to a piece about “doing your own research.” Unless you’re an expert in the field you’re “researching,” you’re almost certainly not able to fully understand the nuance and complexity of the topic. Experts have advanced degrees, published research, and years of experience in their sub-field. They know the body of […]

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