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Racism is unlikely to be the cause of the Black maternal mortality crisis

Everyone “knows” that the Black maternal mortality crisis is due to racism. According to Ms. Magazine: Maternal mortality is one of the most compelling indicators that America runs on racism. Here’s what we need to do to overcome this legacy and current reality. WGBH Boston reported: Despite all the modern advances in medical care, pregnancy […]

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Hundreds of babies are dead and UK midwives feel sorry for … THEMSELVES

The recently released Ockenden Report could not have been clearer. UK midwives bear responsibility for literally hundreds of newborn and maternal deaths and injuries. The report faulted a culture of “normal birth” at all costs and a refusal to both investigate and learn from mistakes. In case you doubted the Report, we now have the […]

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Thinking about homebirth? Willing to leave your children motherless?

Perhaps you want a homebirth enough to be willing to risk your baby’s life. But have you considered the potential impact on your older children and the baby of leaving them motherless? Neither did the mothers of these 25 children who experienced the ultimate catastrophe, all because their mothers wanted a specific birth experience. – […]

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