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C-section protects sexual sensation

Vaginal birth may be natural but it can also be very damaging. It has long been known that C-section reduces the risk of subsequent urinary incontinence. Now a new study provides evidence that C-section also protects the nerves responsible for pelvic sensation. The study is The impact of pregnancy and childbirth on pelvic sensation: a […]

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Promoting normal sex

Natural childbirth advocates profess confusion that the promotion of “normal, physiological” birth is disrespectful to women who make different choices. To help them understand why their rhetoric is hurtful, hateful and utterly self referential, I offer a thought experiment. Let’s apply the philosophy of “normal” birth to sex. Below is a paraphrase of a natural […]

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Does breastfeeding improve maternal heart health? Probably not.

Breastfeeding rates have risen dramatically over the past 50 years and NONE of the predicted benefits for infant health have come to pass. Why not? Because breastfeeding is SOCIALLY patterned (breastfeeding is closely associated with higher socio-economic status) and most of the purported benefits of breastfeeding are actually benefits of maternal wealth, education and access […]

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