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Oops! Wrongly done and poorly done tongue tie surgery.

Tongue tie surgery (frenotomy) is the new tonsillectomy. It’s a surgery that is necessary for certain narrow indications but has become extremely popular to treat conditions that don’t need treatment. Even members of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine have been forced to conclude that it is often poorly done, often wrongly done and harms babies. […]

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Promoting attachment parenting as a way to limit government spending

Is attachment parenting ”best”? It’s critical to interrogate the dominant philosophy of contemporary parenting to understand whether it is truly the best way to parent children or merely a reflection of unexamined beliefs about the role of women, market culture and subconscious racism and classism. The ‘good’ attached mother: An analysis of postmaternal and postracial […]

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3 questions to ask about attachment parenting

Attachment parenting has become the dominant parenting philosophy in Western countries in the early 21st Century. The ostensible reason is because it’s good for babies, making them more securely attached, happier and ultimately more productive citizens. That has been the justification for government promotion of policies that are based on AP recommendations. Such policies include […]

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