Wealthy women have more orgasms

couple in bed

They say blondes have more fun, but they’re wrong. According to recent scientific research, wealthy women do, or, more accurately, partners of wealthy men.

Researchers Pollet and Nettle of the Centre for Behavior and Evolution at Newcastle University have reached that conclusion after surveying more than 1500 women. Their study, Partner wealth predicts self-reported orgasm frequency in a sample of Chinese women, was published in the Journal Evolution and Human Behavior. As the authors explain:

The frequency of orgasm has been found to be an important component of sexual satisfaction, which in turn is a predictor of relationship satisfaction, for Chinese women. In American women, age and religiosity are negative predictors of orgasm frequency, and the frequency of masturbatory orgasms but not orgasms with a partner increases with increasing education…

The authors found:

In a large representative sample of the Chinese population, we found evidence that women’s self-reported orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner. The effect of partner income is not an artifact of female age, educational attainment, happiness, health, relationship duration, regional differences, and differences between partners in educational attainment and wealth.

The following graph makes that clear.

orgasm frequency

It is difficult to tell if the authors complicated regression models actually show a correlation, and, as we know, a correlation does not mean causation. Nonetheless, the results are more than a fun fact. The study is meant to contribute to an ongoing investigation of the evolutionary purpose of female orgasm.

Evolutionists have taken opposing positions on the function of female orgasm. On one hand, it has been seen as a functionless by-product of the ejaculatory response in males. An alternative view is that women’s capacity for orgasm is an adaptation that serves to discriminate between males on the basis of their quality, leading to either enhanced conception probability or selective emotional bonding with high-quality sires…

The findings of this study appear to confirm the adaptive origins of female orgasm. In other words, better lovers make better fathers.

This paper is hardly definitive, but it is a good faith attempt to investigate the origins of female orgasm. Rather than being a neurologic relic of male orgasm, female orgasm may serve an important evolutionary function.

It may also explain a preference for wealthy men that extends across all cultures. Wealthy men may be perceived as not only better able to provide for children, but more pleasurable as partners for conceiving children.