Feminist Breeder doesn’t kill baby; supporters dazzled

You may remember back in early February, notorious narcissist Gina Crosley-Corcoran, announced her plan to broadcast her genitalia to adoring fans:

Women of the world rejoice! Gina Crosley-Corcoran, The Feminist Breeder, is planning to live blog her homebirth for your edification. I know, I know; you’re overcome with gratitude that a self important person like Gina has arranged to exploit share what ought to be an private, intimate and deeply personal experience with everyone in the whole world in order to publicize herself homebirth.

Well, she’s done it. Crosley-Corcoran dazzled her gullible, easily impressed fans by risking the life of her baby and herself at homebirth AND she managing to avoid killing anyone in the process. But best of all, through the miracle of modern technology, she was able to feed her voracious need for praise by soliciting inane compliments during the process.

You really have to give her credit for intensity of purpose. No, silly reader, the purpose was not the birth of the baby. Her purpose was to shovel more praise into the maw of her seemingly endless need. Best of all, she created a permanent record of lots of women exclaiming over the fact that she can do something that EVERY other woman in the world can do. What’s next, live blogging her own breathing?

I can understand the narcissism that leads a woman to expose herself to the world in a desperate attempt to garner praise, but what I have trouble understanding is why her followers responded by contributing inane comments like “you are a strong mama” to fulfill that need. It reminds me of the letters women write to People Magazine to praise Angelina Jolie for her parenting decisions or condemn various celebrities behaving badly for their immature behavior. Do those writers actually think that Angelina is paying attention? Do Gina’s fans think that being duped into meeting her need for comments carefully culled to leave only those filled with praise is a worthy use of their time?

And why are they so impressed. Because she had a baby? Thousands of women do the same thing every day. That she had her baby at home? Thousands of women do the same thing every day. That she had no pain relief? Thousands of women do that every day. That neither she nor her baby died in the process? Maybe. Not everyone is as lucky as she apparently was. But that’s hardly an accomplishment.

That she exposed her genitalia to the world? Ahhh, that’s something different. But anyone can do that if they want to. It was a business deal. She gave up the intimate personal experience of childbirth to make money and garner fame. Is there anything more American than that?