Joshua’s easily preventable, tragic hospital birth death

Joshua Titcombe

Last week I wrote that the relentless effort by UK midwives in promoting normal birth is killing babies and mothers. At Furness General Hospital in Cumbria 6 babies and 2 mothers have died preventable deaths, including Joshua Titcombe:

Hoa Titcombe, 34, gave birth to Joshua at the end of a normal delivery. But nine days later the baby bled to death after suffering a lung infection which could easily have been treated with antibiotics.

Joshua’s father James contacted me to share more details about Joshua’s birth and needless death. He gave me permission to share with you the presentation he created to ensure that Joshua will be remembered and that his death will serve a purpose, focusing attention on the substandard midwifery care that is the result of midwives protecting their “turf” and refusing to refer complicated cases to obstetricians and pediatricians.

My deepest condolences to James and Hoa. No parent should have to endure what they have suffered.

Joshua and Hoa

  • mabelcruet

    Re-visiting an old post because of some news. Mr Titcombe has now written a book about Joshua that is being featured in todays Mail on Sunday newspaper. Allied to this, Sheena Byrom, the senior midwife who told Mr Titcombe that he was too concerned with risk (remember the quotes from her-‘lets not get on that roll again’, and ‘getting out of bed in the morning has risks’) has been appointed to the board of the Royal College of Midwives, and is hauling herself round the country presenting a fatuous talk called ’50 shades of normality’. Yep, being a hostile, vicious, uncaring and deceitful person is simply a variant of normal for her.

    • Nick Sanders

      There’s a new post about the book.

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  • sdsures

    Although I’ve sent a tweet to Mr Titcombe just now, I’d like to express my condolences to him and his family here as well.

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