Real mothers burn the umbilical cord

It’s been an interesting week in the world of homebirth crazy. We’ve talked about supreme narcissist Janet Fraser who let her own baby die for no better reason than bragging rights, a Fraser acolyte who described her second trimester miscarriage with retained placenta and major hemorrhage as “physiological“, and the incredible immaturity of homebirth advocates who think the bigger the risk, the better the birth.

Let’s end on a high note with homebirth nonsense even more ridiculous than what typically passes for “knowledge” among homebirth advocates. Did you know that the best mothers burn their babies’ umbilical cords?

This bit of wisdom stupidity comes from Clare Loprinzi, an Oregon homebirth midwife who was forced to resign her license rather than face criminal prosecution. Unable to practice in Oregon, she moved to Hawaii to peddle her deadly nonsense there.

How stupid and dangerous is Clare Loprinzi? Consider the “explanation” of severing the umbilical cord by burning it:

The umbilicus is the entry place to all abdominal organs. It is the core. by heating it and driving the last of the blood in there you are giving a profoundly tonic treatment for the baby who has just run a marathon.

It would reduce the risk of bleeding and entry of infections. You are warming digestion which will reduce the tendency for jaundice, besides just creating a strong baby which means a good nurser.

Colostrum as we know aids in setting up the digestive system and binds the iron in the gut. This stops them from reabsorbing the iron and eliminating it with healthy bowel movements from a healthier baby.

How moronic is this? Let us count the ways.

  1. The umbilical cord contains blood vessels and does not provide entry to the abdominal cavity. Any blood still in it drains to the inferior vena cava and thence to the heart.
  2. Heating the blood in the cord by candle flame does not “drive” it anywhere. It simply burns it.
  3. Warming the digestion? Last I heard, the abdominal organs work best at 98.6°, standard body temperature.
  4. Reduces the risk of jaundice? How could that be when jaundice is caused by an excess of bilirubin, not “cold” abdominal organs?
  5. Colostrum? Iron? Bowel movements? What does this have to do with cord burning? Nothing, but LoPrinzi apparently thought it sounded good so she threw it in.

Loprinzi demonstrates cord while stretching the cord over a metal kidney basin. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to use something so unnatural. You can actually buy purpose built wooden (all natural!) boxes to get the job done.

Here’s what surprises me about umbilical cord burning: no not the elaboration of this nonsense by a homebirth midwife. Most of what homebirth midwives have to say is nonsense.

What I want to know how can any woman with a modicum of intelligence fall for this crap and hire someone who promotes it?