Don’t want to be a birth visionista? How about a shamanic midwife?

Last week I shared the exciting possibility of becoming a birth visionista.

It’s a school for birth visionaries! So I thought, as I’m sitting there taking a shower, I’m like, “I wanna do a bootcamp! I wanna do a bootcamp for all of you birth workers who wanna be visionaries and want to step into that. You are a birth visionary already, you probably know it. But are you really, really incorporating that into your everyday birth worker life? That’s what I’m gonna be asking you, that’s what I’m going to be asking you to reflect on, and also begin to learn empowerment tools.

But perhaps the $697 fee to become a Fear to Freedom™ Birth Facilitator is a little steep for you. Don’t worry, you can attend The School of Shamanic Midwifery instead!

The School of Shamanic Midwifery (SSM) is a Women’s Mysteries School for midwives and doulas, a gathering of wise women, a year long Earth based ‘religious’ experience. It will awaken in you a deeper connection to the cycles – the way of life – and enable in you a range of ancient and traditional skills and tools to serve women and the birth process…

That’s right. Jane Hardwicke Collings, an Australian independent midwife:

… is herself a homebirth mother, a grandmother and a teacher of the Women’s Mysteries. She gives workshops called “Moonsong” – about the ancient wisdom of the cycles and “Pregnancy – The Inner Journey”. She is author of “Ten Moons – the Spiritual journey of Pregnancy, Preparation for Natural Birth” and “Thirteen Moons and Spinning Wheels” – the how to chart your menstrual cycle journal and handbook. She is currently working on her forth coming book “Birthing With The Goddess”.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often felt the need for a handbook explaining how to chart my menstrual cycle. How thoughtful that Jane has shared her menstrual cycle journal with us! I’m looking forward to learning whether Jane prefers tampons or pads.

And how thoughtful of Jane that she has set up a Red Tent (get it? a RED tent):

The Red Tent is the special space co-created by Being Woman festival and the School of Shamanic Midwifery (SSM) for women who are in the bleeding phase of their menstrual cycle to retreat to, to rest, to renew, to be in their private inward space, supported by the Priestesses from the School of Shamanic Midwifery…

This sacred space is deeply needed by every woman as she comes to her ‘moon time’, and is gifted by her blood an exquisite embodied oppportunity to release all that is old and no longer serving her highest good. When we allow ourselves to ‘go with our flow’ and each dark/new moon let go of the old so that we may then dream up the new, we reclaim our inherent power for transformation and self-renewal – empowering us to create the lives that we desire.

Come and join us in the Red Tent… your Priestesses await you!

Ooh, priestesses! That’s way better than being a visionista.

How can The School for Shamanic Midwifery help you in your “birth work”? You can take the BirthKeeperIntensive course:

is an experiential workshop for BirthKeepers – doulas, midwives, doctors, folk who have made it their work to be a birth activist and a holder of the sacred wisdom of birth.

BKI has been designed to help you understand your hidden agenda, the unique gifts your bring to your work and to teach you shamanic tools and processes to add to your own medicine bundle in serving and facilitating the transformation possible around birth.

We will do shamanic drum journeys, rituals, ceremonies and craft. We will sit in circle, BirthKeepers united on a mission

“to heal the Earth, one birth at a time.”

See how it’s written in red (get it? RED words? like blood?).

And the best part? It’s only A$400.00, [Teas catered, BYO lunch, payment by paypal available].

Oh, dear. Can’t afford the ticket to Australia to take the course? No problem. You can buy one of Collings’ albums:

A Shamanic Drum Journey for Pregnancy to Meet Your Baby, and Drumming for Labour has been created to enable mothers and mothers to be to meet with and commune with their baby inside, if they are pregnant, and their “soulbaby” if they are planning pregnancy. The benefits of this process are explained and accompanied by women’s stories. Also included is a drumming track that can be played on repeat during labour for the benefits that will provide.

But for those for whom money is no object, there’s this:

The next Four Seasons Journey (2013) will be based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, 1.5 hours south of Sydney. This year long journey will run from November 2012 – November 2013. Fee: $3500.

No doubt, it’s worth every penny. But don’t forget:

Places limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.