Homebirth advocates and hypocrisy

Homebirth advocates, are you warrior mamas or are you wimps? Or are you just hypocrites?

I’d like to know how you explain the following:

You claim that women who have epidurals are “giving in to the pain” yet you can’t possibly endure an IV in your hand during labor.

You claim that pushing for 5 hours is perfectly reasonable, but you can’t bear it if you have a vaginal exam during labor.

You insist that women who really care about their babies should breastfeed to prevent minor illnesses, but think it’s okay to increase your baby’s risk of death by 600% in order to give birth at home.

You can’t believe that women would give up breastfeeding for anything as “selfish” as wanting her own body back, but insist that no one should interfere with your ability to control your own body by delivering at home with an unqualified attendant.

You boast that you can fiercely endure the pain of labor, yet you cannot stand it if anyone asks you if you’d like an epidural.

I hope you can explain these inconsistencies to me, as well as answer the following questions:

Who are you to condemn women for formula feeding, which has a neonatal mortality rate of zero, while at the same time willingly undertaking homebirth, which has a mortality rate 600% higher than comparable risk hospital birth?

Who are you to deem women who want pain relief selfish when you can’t even endure an IV?

Why do you act as if a woman’s right to control her own body ends at the waist, and that she has no right to control her own breasts?

How do you justify such incredible inconsistency?

No doubt my readers can frame many similar examples and questions, but you can start by answering and explaining these. I can’t wait to find how you justify your hypocrisy.