What do The Feminist Breeder and Rush Limbaugh have in common? A fear of free speech.


From “the can’t-take-the-heat dept“:

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh apparently has decided he can’t handle criticism well, so he’s abusing the DMCA to take down a video critical of him. The video does use Limbaugh video, but it seems like a pretty clear case of fair use. And, if we go by the standard established in the Lenz v. Universal case, those issuing a takedown are supposed to first consider fair use. If Limbaugh failed to do so, he could run into trouble.

But, more to the point: WTF? Why do people keep abusing the DMCA solely to silence free speech that criticizes them, at the same time they claim to be supporters of the First Amendment…

Long-time readers of this blog know that I have one abiding commitment: to tell the truth about and expose the lies of self-proclaimed homebirth “midwives”, and to protect babies who don’t have to die. In carrying out that commitment, I will not be silenced by the fanatics and crazies who claim they’re going to “shut me down”; as you can all see, I’m still here.

The latest in the long line of fanatics and crazies is Gina Crosly-Corcoran, the self-styled “Feminist Breeder.” She’s been crowing on her site about how she’s going to shut down me and The Skeptical OB, and she’s even raising money for a “legal defense fund” to do it. Let me just say this: If you come back to this blog a month, or 6 months, or a year from now, I’ll still be here. And to you who are giving Gina money, a suggestion: I’d consider whether it is being wisely spent.

In the course of all of this, you may at times see a picture or an entry removed from one blog post or another — temporarily. The law (somewhat foolishly) allows people to complain to web hosts (without offering any evidence), and web hosts then have to (temporarily) take items down. But I believe in the “long game.” And in that game, you won’t see my blog changing its ways at all.

One final note: You’ll never see me trying to “shut down” the fanatics and crazies on the other side. I believe – as they clearly don’t — in free speech and transparency. Unlike the fanatics and crazies, I will rarely delete a negative comment unless it is abusive to other commentors. I will let my words – and theirs – compete in the marketplace of ideas. But that’s because I’m not afraid of what they have to say — while they are clearly afraid of me.

So keep watching this page. I’ll be happy to give anyone odds that I’ll still be blogging the next time you look.