No limit to the stupidity at Midwifery Today

wise and stupid in letterpress wood type

Over on that festival of stupidity known as the Midwifery Today Facebook page, I found this:

Midwifery Today

From Stephanie-jean *****

My best friend is currently attempting a hbac and is a at road block. Her membranes ruptured 56 hours ago. She was group b strep positive in her last pregnancy, but was not tested this time. All over our research would suggest that 95% of women will go into labor on their own within 72 hours of prom. She is looking to hear other women’s experiences with hbac with prom. She really wants to avoid a repeat c-section as she had a really traumatic c-section the first time. All advice, support, and baby waves is highly appreciate!

My comment (soon to be deleted no doubt):

Go to the hospital before you kill this baby! Your question is the equivalent of asking if it’s okay to keep drinking while you’ve already been driving drunk. The best you can hope for is that no one gets hurt from this idiocy.

Midwifery Today 4-18-13