Childbirth Without Guilt


I’ve finally gotten my act together to produce a book, entitled Childbirth Without Guilt. While it mentions homebirth, it is mainly about the feelings of guilt engendered by the natural childbirth, lactivist and attachment parenting movements. There is simply no reason why these movements should leave any woman feeling guilty.

The book’s publication is at least several months away, but as an adjunct, I’ve created a site by the same name with an innovative format.

I’ve always felt that you, my readers and commentor,s are an amazing resource and have wanted to find a way to showcase you. Childbirth Without Guilt is an innovative blog where YOU are the author, as well as a supportive community for women to discuss their feelings of guilt about epidurals, C-sections, bottle feeding and other choices that may work well for you and your family, but engender scorn from advocates of natural parenting.

You can submit your story about battling feelings of guilt or of overcoming them. After review, it will become a blog post complete with your byline (your real name or a screen name if you prefer). Others can offer advice and support in the comment section.

Stop feeling bad about your birth and start reaching out to others. You may be surprised to find that you are not alone.

I’d love your feedback (and participation!).