Choosy mothers choose science

Choosy moms choose science

Those who want the very best for their children choose science over pseudoscience.

Of course science is hard, and that means that many people don’t understand it. To cover up their lack of understanding, they whine that science is male and patriarchal and that women have “different ways of knowing.”

Science does not give you “atta girls” for defying authority. Science is about adult behavior, not juvenile antics to impress your friends.

Science doesn’t give you the opportunity to claim that you “did your research” and are “educated.” Anyone who has really done research or has obtained a degree in a scientific discipline would never be found boasting that they are “educated” and would never do “research” on Google.

Science is no fun. There are no grand conspiracy theories, no government organizations trying to make you and your children sick. There’s just reality, as boring as that is.

Science is a killjoy, always demanding evidence, and displaying extreme skepticism about people curing cancer and autism through their own efforts.

Science makes it hard to preen as a Sanctimommy because science offers no guarantees, only probabilities.

It’s easy and so much fun to choose pseudoscience, especially because it allows you to pretend that you are a better mother than others, but being a good mother isn’t about easy and fun.

That’s why choosy mothers choose science.