Mother eating her words; baby fighting for her life.


Andrea on Baby Center, planning a twin homebirth, asked What would the world be like if we had no hospitals? and then proceeded to answer her own question with multiple comments claiming that hospitals are unnecessary.

She was shocked, shocked to discover that some women found her comments arrogant and ignorant.

She replied:

I mean, I know now that people now rely on such places like hospitals but what did people do before hospitals? Herb doctors, cleansing, or whatever was needed for the person to be back on trap. Maybe doctors did house visits. The post said what would the world be like without hospitals it was not meant to be disrespectful but for some reason there will always be that one person that you can count on to take a subject out of context.


Who said that herbal cleanses don’t help against strokes and heart attacks.. There is an herb for every issue on earth. The herbs were here before technology. Sorry. No technology needed. Time is of essence though. In a timely manner most issues can be resolved by herbs, diet, and exercise.
Thats my story and Im sticking to it. Be mad if you want ladies. Thanks for giving the post relevance and commenting anyway.

The clincher, just in case you hadn’t gotten the point.

You can’t have a natural unmedicated childbirth at the hospital.
That’s vinegar and water status it just doesnt mix.
Bye ladies

Andrea has learned a very hard lesson and her daughter is fighting for her life.

I did have my twins. Akilah …. and Aminah … on 05/24/2013 @ home. I wrote a recent post about What would the world be like without hospitals. I had to eat my words this last week because my second baby had prolapse cord and has been in the hospital since birth fighting for her life. Both babies were born great weights Baby Akilah first baby was 6lbs even and Baby Aminah was born 5lbs 9oz at birth. My midwife didn’t show up on time to deliver my babies so my natural unmediated childbirth was a disaster, it was pretty much an unassisted child birth and that is so dangerous with twins. So to all the women who commented on my previous post, I have to admit I was wrong about hospitals. We defintely need them. Without hospitals my daughter would be dead.

Kudos to Andrea for having the courage to acknowledge her mistake. I have two questions for her if she’d care to answer:

Your daughter is paying a terrible price for your new-found knowledge. What, if anything, could have changed your mind before this disaster occurred? What would you tell other women contemplating homebirth who believe that hospitals are unnecessary?