Trust Babyslaughters 2013


How big a moron do you have to be to actually pay $450 and attend the Trust Birth Babyslaughterers 2013 Conference?

Evidently, an extraordinarily big moron. Perhaps there is another explanation (and I’d be happy if someone would provide it), but I can’t imagine why anyone would attend a conference staffed by the largest collection of birth criminals in the Southern Hemisphere, besides the obvious reason: terminal stupidity.

What’s a birth criminal (aka babyslaughterer)?

A birth criminal is a midwife who ignores the growing pile of tiny bodies, babies who died preventable deaths as a result of her direct or indirect professional actions.

My view of involuntary babyslaughter is that a newborn death resulting from taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk should be considered criminally negligent babyslaughter.

I suppose we ought to give homebirth advocates credit for intellectual honesty. It doesn’t matter to them whether babies live or die and they don’t care who knows it. Apparently, babies who die are just collateral damage in the fight for every woman to put her birth experience ahead of her baby’s very life. Apparently the woman who preside over those preventable deaths have information to impart that aspiring babyslaughterers are anxious to hear.

There are quite a few birth criminals/babyslaughterers at the upcoming conference in Sydney.

The list is led by babyslaughterer extraordinaire, Lisa Barrett. Barrett is a one woman crime wave, presiding over no fewer than 5 preventable deaths, as well as practicing midwifery without a license and taking her claim that a baby who born only barely alive as a result of her negligence should be ignored as not a person all the way to the Australian High Court (and losing). Ironically, Lisa Barrett has done more to strengthen regulation of homebirth than homebirth opponents ever could have managed; she has convincingly demonstrated the dangers of homebirth, the irresponsibility of many homebirth midwives, and their preference for myth over scientific evidence.

As the person who alerted me to the conference noted:

She has a number of presentations happening. Two pre-conference workshops – one on breech birth (she is very good at losing breech babies) and the other on “Linguistic and Hypnotic Speech Patterns for the Antenatal and Birth Period” so that others can manipulate their clients as effectively as she does.

As you can see she is (most frighteningly) now “a master practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and a life coach.”

It seems that the more babies that have died under your care the more conference sessions you get. She is also presenting “”Mapping the Pelvis” – Learn more about the pelvis so that you can “see” how it is that the baby navigates it.”

And finally – “”Hanzoutta: Progress without VEs” – Let’s talk about the ways to predict dilatation without a vaginal exam. Learn how to gauge the rhythm of a woman’s progress through labour without putting your fingers in her vagina”.

Claire Hall, who has no profile on the site, is talking about optimal foetal positioning. Claire wins the prize for most creative attempt at fooling the Coroner’s Court for her claim that a baby who was pronounced dead two days after birth was actually stillborn. The Coroner didn’t believe her.

Janet Fraser occupies a special place in the pantheon of birth criminals, because she let her own baby die. She gets extra points for publicly declaring that her dead baby not as traumatic for her as birth rape. Really? Who would have guessed that her personal experience meant more to her than whether her baby lived or died?

In addition to the babyslaughterers, there is a particularly impressive collection of birth clowns including:

Barbara Harper (Waterbirth: Barbara Harper spreads stupidity)

Joy Jones, “consultant on the subject of the Brewer Diet, and the creator of the “Brewer Pregnancy Diet” website,” perhaps the epitome of birth quacktivism.

and, who can forget Carla Hartley, originator of the psychobabble mantra “Trust Birth.”

So let’s see, a lecturer on breech birth who has presided over an extraordinary number of breech deaths, a lecturer on fetal positioning who apparently can’t tell whether a baby is dead or alive, a woman who let her own baby die, a nitwit who made up the principles of waterbirth, a nitwit who promotes the completely debunked Brewer diet, and Carla Hartley, perhaps the biggest nitwit of them all.

To the morons who are actually paying $450 and attending Trust Birth Babyslaughterers 2013:

Please stop by and let us know why you think you will learn anything useful from a conference of birth criminals who have presided over an extraordinarily large number of babyslaughter deaths. Inquiring minds want to know.