Homebirth means never having to say you’re sorry …

Mea Culpa text scratced

… even when your baby dies at homebirth.

From Midwifery Today:

One week ago I lost heart tones on our little girl at 9 cm. We rushed to the hospital but we weren’t on time and they did a cesarean. Because of a long labor (4 days) and not dilating (transition for 15 hrs) the dr told me I shouldn’t labor again. However, I’m planning on having another baby as soon as I can and would like a home birth.

Could I tap into your experience and get suggestions for building up my body to have a healthy baby and birth experience next time?…

The responses represent the usual Midwifery Today inanity:

Shannon Mitchell: Sweetheart, this was most likely not a function of size or location or any of a thousand things… I will say ..trust yourself. Mourn. Grieve. Believe in yourself as you move forward because that is what allows you to think clearly without fear and know the right choices to make. I’m so sorry that this little one did not stay to meet you in person and grow here on earth but I’m glad you got to know her in the time you did.

Ummm, she trusted herself the first time to know the right choices to make and she made the WRONG choice. Why would you advise her to know the right choice now?


Heather Baker:… this is one of those times where I believe in herbs w a long labor. homebirth is fine to try again. stay away from bread so baby isnt as big and take vitamins prior to and during pregnancy.

Herbs would have kept the baby from dying?


Khadijah Cisse So sorry for you loss (and for any hurtful comments you will get for staying home). You are a strong woman. You should try to birth however you choose. Size was not likely the issue. Head position was the likely culprit…

Head position was the culprit in this baby’s death?

And this gem of stupidity:

Jessica Landers: … I believe you are capable of a homebirth. I suggest you get health. Work out and get yourself fit. Continue working out throughout your pregnancy. A toned and strong mother will have an easier time of delivery.
follow the Brewers pregnancy diet. Seriously, it is awesome!
A combo of herbs as a tea will provide uterine to.e, healthy blood, and many beneficial vitamins(nettles, red raspberry leaf, dandelion root, alfalfa, oat straw,rose hips, spearmint) .

Evening primrose oil capsules can be inserted vaginally at 36 weeks and on. It will help to soften your cervix.

And this hideous “advice”:

The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better®: I don’t know whether to be outraged by this story or deeply saddened. This story should tell everyone that 1) this woman did not have the skills to prepare her pregnant body to be a birthing body nor the skills to work through this birth 2) that this woman probably birthed at home for an ideological reason and had not boundaries within herself when it was appropriate for her to seek medical care. She obviously was ok with medical care because she eventually went to hospital and had a c/s.

Here’s the thing. Giving birth is both safe and not safe no matter where a woman gives birth, who attends or what is happening to or around her…

Midwifery Today is a tremendous source of comedy gold… or it would be if babies weren’t dying preventable deaths because morons like these “advise” each other.

My suggestions:

Have your baby in a hospital with a doctor, an operating room, and a neonatal intensive care unit, not as home with a clown who calls herself a midwife.

And in the meantime, stop listening to effluvium discharged by the fools at Midwifery Today.