The howls of lactivist outrage start in 3 … 2 … 1

Similac for supplementation


Did you see what Similac did??!!

They’ve created the a product specifically designed to destroy the motherbabybreast relationship! And if that’s not bad enough, they created an irresistible marketing campaign that converts breastfeeding mothers into supplementing mothers AGAINST THEIR WILL!!

But don’t worry …

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird; it’s a plane; …. no it’s Lacti-Shrew come to rescue other mothers who are so stupid that they will buy anything they see in an advertisement.

Because we all know that there is nothing that women of America want more than to emulate the self-proclaimed awesome sanctimommies whose biggest claim to fame is that they EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed their vaginally born (WITHOUT PAIN MEDICATION, and don’t you forget it) babies.

Lacti-Shrew knows that the only thing keeping all those other inferior mothers from emulating their privileged, Western, white, well off selves is lack of education. Those poor women have no idea of the benefits of breastfeeding!! That’s why Lacti-Shrews everywhere must create lots and lots of rules to force educate women to breastfeed.

All the good Lacti-Shrews are OUTRAGED.

Lactating Girl:

I was livid. I couldn’t even explain why after sitting and pondering it to myself for a while. Now though, I think that I’ve nailed down what’s so wrong with this new formula.

First off, it’s implying that not all formulas are good enough for supplementing breast milk. Well, I’ll definitely agree that formulas are not the best way to supplement (can you say donated milk?), but sometimes it just has to happen. Just because I’m a breastfeeding advocate doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the benefits of formula being readily available… So I’m not doing the best for my baby when supplementing if I don’t do it with this formula? Like we don’t already have enough mama guilt in this world.

Lactating Girl clearly has a problem understanding irony.

Lacti-Shrew knows that there is no such thing as low breastmilk supply. Those women who insists they aren’t making enough milk for their babies are lazy liars looking for the easy way out. And their screaming babies are liars, too!!

Don’t you know that breastfeeding women have a target on their breasts.

Perhaps the most disturbing trend in formula marketing occurred this month with the release of a new product directly targeting and undermining breastfeeding moms. The May 11, 2013, release of a Similac for Supplementation confirms the company is desperately trying to increase its customer base. This blatant attempt to sabotage the breastfeeding relationship is outrageous… This is a pathetic bid for the breastfeeding audience. Unfortunately, it could just work, especially since this message is being perpetuated by a new study released two days later in Pediatrics. The article’s release date (occurring the same week this formula hit the shelves) is highly suspect. It may seem like a conspiracy theory, but as well-equipped as the strategists are, the timing is not a coincidence and neither is the correlation between Abbott and the co-author of the study, who was previously employed by the maker of Similac.

See how big the conspiracy to undermine breastfeeding is? Even the pediatricians are in on it!

You might be wondering why women who would never use formula of any kind would care about whether other breastfeeding women might use formula. If so, you are missing the point!! Lacti-Shrew has low self-esteem and is desperate for adulation. She needs other women to mirror her own choices in order to feel good about herself. Moreover, if supplementing with formula is okay, then Lacti-Shrew isn’t the super-special mama that you are supposed to believe she is.

Therefore, Lacti-Shrew must cleanse the world of anything and everything that does not boost her self-esteem. Hospital offers formula gifts to new mothers? Take them away! Hospitals allow women to choose formula feeding without shaming them? Lock that formula up and make her beg for it!! Create a special formula designed specifically to make up for whatever breastfeeding babies may lack? Vilify women who choose it, and make it clear that they are too stupid to resist marketing.

Point out that it is grossly inappropriate for privileged Western, white, well off women to act like they are superior to other women, smarter and more able to resist the claims of advertisers and get an ear full of irony: You think women aren’t vulnerable to marketing? Check your privilege.

Now that’s funny! Privileged Western, white, well off women accusing those who don’t subscribe to their theory that everyone else is stupid and more vulnerable to marketing than themselves are accusing women who don’t agree with them for being privileged.

Lacti-Shrew is nothing if not blind to her own withering contempt for anyone who doesn’t emulate her.

To those who think that the outrage about Similac for Supplementation is about formula, think again. Lacti-Shrews everywhere are “livid” because the mere existence of a formula for supplementation is a threat to their self-esteem. Their “achievement” of using their breasts exclusively to feed their babies isn’t much of an achievement if it’s equally acceptable to to do anything else.