Lactation consultant poses deadly risk to babies because she lies about her vaccination status

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Imagine doing everything in your power to protect your vulnerable newborn, then having your baby die by contracting pertussis from your lactation consult or postpartum doula.

Some mothers can imagine it and they are acting to prevent it. Lactation consultants and doulas are feeling it where it matters most: in their wallet. And, as a result, some have taken to lying to their clients.


… I am a postpartum doula and just lost a client after her dr. told her it was imperative that everyone who comes into contact with her babies be up to date with the flu shot and the TDaP. I told her that I don’t vax (I actually have had some very adverse reactions to vaccines in my past) and that was a deal breaker. I’m just feeling disheartened that the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment have successfully convinced so many people that this is necessary…

Yup, there’s that massive world wide conspiracy involving tens of millions of people, including nearly every doctor in the known world, plus Big Pharma, plus the governments of nearly all countries. You’d have to be a gullible fool to believe something so ridiculous, but apparently many lactation consults and postpartum doulas are gullible fools.

That’s not the truly shocking part, though. This response from another lactation consultant is downright horrifying:

I’m a post partum doula and lactation consultant. I work for an agency. I’ve never had a flu shot that I can remember, never gotten a TDaP booster, not had Hep vax or anything…

I’m rarely asked, but I say “I’m up to date with all necessary vaccinations.” I don’t think TDaP, Flu or Hep are necessary vaccines, but I keep THAT PART to myself(emphasis in the original)

… Most clients never ask me, so I’m wondering if this was just a mom who had been brainwashed by her doctor. My advice is to never bring it up on your own and smile and offer that you’ve had “necessary vaccines” if asked, then change the subject. You are NOT going to give someone diphtheria or pertussis, it’s ridiculous for people to think that’s going to happen.

So let’s see if I get this straight. This lactation consultant/postpartum doula thinks it is okay to LIE to her clients, thereby robbing them of the opportunity to make an informed decision about the care of their own babies. And why is it okay to lie? For no better reason than to preserve her income. Apparently money is more important to this vile human being than whether her clients’ babies live or die.

These women should be ashamed of themselves, but that requires both a modicum of education and a sense of morality. Both appear to be lacking here.