Ruth Fowler Iorio shares the “beautiful, messy reality” of nearly bleeding to death at homebirth

Blood transfusion bag

Naricissm and stupidity, it’s a winning combination for homebirth advocates.

Only a homebirth advocate could be impressed with herself for surviving a life threatening homebirth disaster that didn’t have to happen, thank the midwife who nearly killed her, ignore the hospital staff who saved her life AND blare her stupidity and narcissism to the whole world on Twitter.

Of course, Huffington Post, a veritable sewer of alt health nonsense, venerates Ruth Fowler Iorio with a piece entitled New Mom’s Uncensored Photos Reveal The Beautiful, Messy Reality Of Home Birth.

What’s next HuffPo? Drunk Woman’s Uncensored Photos Reveal the Beautiful, Messy Reality of Accidents Cause By Intoxication?

Ruth shared her homebirth disaster in real time, because what’s the point of risking your baby’s life and brain function if you aren’t going to brag about it to the entire world?

This is her “beautiful” homebirth in her own words:

… Nye was occidental [sic] posterior. He flipped to come out but shoulder dystocia ripped me apart. Then the placenta wouldn’t come out – some medical termI don’t know – which basically mean, it tried to detach and ripped more of me out! So I lost over half my blood and got transferred by great emt’s [sic] after the birth.

Felt awful but now recovering in UCLA Santa Monica on a TON of fentany1 (it kicks ass!) and blood transfusions and will be back home with Jared and Nye Soledad Iorio tomorrow. This mad experience Just reiterated how goddamn crazy birth is…

I don’t want to be an ass but this experience has taught me birth is beautiful and primal and mysterious and painful as ****. Thanks to my amazing midwife Racha Tahani Lawler for getting me through that, and her assistant Tanya and my brilliant doula Allegra Hill.*

Birth is goddam crazy? No shit, Sherlock. Any obstetrician could have told Ruth that, but she, like all homebirth advocates, was too full of herself to listen.

So instead Ruth had a “beautiful” homebirth that included a shoulder dystocia, large perineal tear, retained placenta and massive postpartum hemorrhage that would have killed except for the …

intravenous access
blood products
removal of retained placenta
antibiotics for infection
loads of fentanyl (which will appear in her breast milk)
2 day hospitalization

See why it makes perfect sense to give birth at home without IV access, without blood products, without antibiotics, without obstetricians, nurses, anesthesiologists, operating rooms, etc. etc.? See why homebirth is beautiful?

No, I don’t see it, either.


* Extra crunchy bonus points for thanking by name the midwife, assistant, and doula who couldn’t have saved her life, and ignoring the names of the many people who actually did save her life.