Lawsuit update #12: settlement

American justice series

We’ve settled the lawsuit:

The parties have entered into a settlement agreement which has resolved all claims and controversies to their mutual satisfaction.

  • SomeSense
  • stenvenywrites

    Thank you for the update. I assume that the non-disclosure agreement does not extend to an analysis of how pitocin causes autism?

  • WhatPaleBlueDot

    Yeah, I would join in the general murmur that I’m sure Gina won’t take long to break the terms. She can’t help herself.

  • I’m hoping for a settlement in my lawsuit too. Just the relief of it being over would be wonderful. I’m envious!

  • Florence

    so wait a minute….that means that Gina ,even tho off the hook with you, has no to foot the bill for her legal fees…. I bet she will beg and plead her lawyer to give her the same mercy you gave her and let her go without paying…..

  • The Computer Ate My Nym

    I’m not sure whether to give congratulations or condolences but I’m glad at least that that time sink is over with.

  • carovee

    But doesn’t this mean that the issue at the heart of the lawsuit, whether someone can send takedown notices without establishing the other party has actually violated copyright is still unresolved?

  • Rebecca

    To echo a comment from another blogger’s Facebook page: Thank you for taking on that whack job for all of us who care about freedom of speech! You’re the bees knees!

  • Dr Kitty

    I am glad that you no longer have to concern yourself with that hot mess.
    I hope that the negotiation of the settlement went in the direction you wanted.

    Hoping that you and Mr T are planning a lovely meal as a Valentines/bye bye TFB nonsense treat. You both deserve it.

  • Alicia

    I wish we could know the details, but I understand how it all works. Yay for getting it settled! One less thing to deal with in regards to TFB.

  • Bodnoirbabe

    I assume due to the short stature of this update that part of the settlement is that the terms are confidential?

    • Amy Tuteur, MD


      • Bodnoirbabe

        My nosy nature is disappointed. But I’m glad at least you don’t have to stop writting about what an idiot she is.

  • J_in_the_Lou

    I hope the two of you not writing about each other was NOT part of the settlement.

    • Amy Tuteur, MD

      There are no restrictions on what we can write about.

  • Bomb

    Damn, I wanted to watch her twist.

  • Tired Momma

    Now Gina can go cure Autism!!!!!

    • KarenJJ

      She’s on the hotline to Jenny McCarthy as we speak.


    • LibrarianSarah

      Ugh I wonder if there would be a time when I would not be pissed at her for that. I mean she insulted and degraded some of the best and brightest women in the community. I am surprised Ari Neeman didn’t join the fray but that woman isn’t worth his time. If the Autism Womens Network ever called me out by name I would spend the rest of my life wearing a paper bag over my head to deal with the shame. It is so weird for one woman to run afoul of these two completely unrelated “special interests.” of mine.

      Assuming that TFB doesn’t delete the whole thread now that the lawsuits hint is over I recommend that anyone and everyone go check it out. You will learn a lot about autism from the perspective of those most effected.

      • resaurus

        Can I bother you to post a link to that particular discussion? I’m not sure what keywords to search for on TFB’s site.

      • Dr Sarah

        Guess I missed that one – don’t suppose you could give us the short summary?

  • yentavegan

    IT’s a mitzvah to settle the lawsuite. Now you can get on with other obligations knowing you took the high road.

    • attitude devant

      It is indeed a mitzvah. I am absolutely certain you were kinder than she deserved.

  • Congratulations! I hope this means TFB has to keep her yap shut too – although I assume you’re monitoring that sort of thing – or your legal team is…

  • Guesteleh

    Unfortunately, this may be a good outcome for Amy but not a good outcome on the internet issue because the judge’s last ruling was favorable to the MPAA’s interpretation of the law, not the EFF’s. But even by that standard it looked like Gina violated the law, so probably a good idea not to continue the suit.

  • Anj Fabian

    I hope TFB has learned something from the experience.

    I certainly expect her to try to drum up page views by using SOB, but it’s been so long that I don’t think her current readers care.

  • Florence

    I think it is very kind of you to not pursue it! I am sure she has learned her lesson!

  • Amazed

    Gina and satisfaction? Don’t belong in the same sentence. Congratulations, Dr Amy, but I recommend keeping your eyes open.

    Anyone willing to start the countdown to the moment Gina violates the agreement?

    • MLE

      I would but I don’t have the patience to wait 14 seconds.

  • attitude devant

    (goes to look what Gina might be saying, knowing full well both parties signed a non-disclosure agreement but also knowing that Gina has a hard time keeping her mouth shut)

    • LovleAnjel

      Who wants to bet Gina has a post behind her blog paywall already, crowing about how she beat Dr. Amy into submission?

      • Susan

        I just had exactly that thought.

  • Dr. W

    Terms, we want terms! Well, probably not saying a dang thing is part of the terms.

    • Amy Tuteur, MD

      You’re right.

    • KarenJJ

      Me too, but I can understand not personally wanting to be the pawn in that game.

  • amazonmom

    I’m not sure what to say when a lawsuit ends, congrats?

  • Jo

    Congratulations x