Update 3: Not Satan, I’m the serpent in MANA’s Garden of Eden

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You may remember from yesterday that homebirth midwife Marlene Waechter equated me with Satan. I beg to differ!

It’s not surprising that she’s confused. I’m not Satan; I’m the serpent in MANA’s Garden of Eden.

Think about it: MANA created a Garden of Eden where it has free rein to trick women about the death rate at homebirth,  with no onerous education or training requirements, and no pesky safety standards. They told all the homebirth advocates living in their Garden that they could attend any birth, that every complication is a variation or normal, and that some babies are just meant to die. There was only one rule: don’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

Then I come along and tell the residents of the Garden that if they eat of the Tree of Knowledge, they will learn that MANA lies about its death rates, that Jan Tritten crowd sources life or death decisions on Facebook, and that the folks from MANA couldn’t meet the licensing requirements for any other country in the industrialized world.

See! I’m the serpent!

But don’t worry. Jan and Marlene are praying for me.

Waechter 2

You know what? I’m not praying for them; I’m praying ABOUT them. I’m praying that “midwives” like them are recognized as ignorant, unethical fools who think nothing of crowd sourcing a life or death decision on Facebook, and then deleting the evidence when the baby dies.

If Jan Tritten thinks that I’m going to let this baby be buried twice, she doesn’t know me very well.

I’ve publicized this every way I know how and revulsion with Jan’s behavior has been noted as far away as Croatia:


You are your buddies are not getting away with it this time.

A baby is dead, and you are acting like a callous clown, as if this is some sort of joke. I don’t know if this poor baby’s body is in the ground yet, but you’ve already deleted him from your Facebook page and apparently from your conscience, too.

You are the poster child for everything that is wrong with American homebirth midwifery:




Unconcerned with safety, and

Unmoved by the deaths of babies who didn’t have to die.

Instead of apologizing for your role in this tragedy, you’ve treated it like some sort of inconvenience; just delete the existence of the baby, hide for awhile and try to divert attention to hating on me.

But people have noticed. So far 475 people have signed the petition expressing revulsion with your behavior.

Stop hiding! Stop deleting! Stop pretending that this baby’s death doesn’t matter!

I may not be Satan, but I’ll be damned if I let you get away with this outrage!