In memory of Gavin Michael


Early today I received an email from the grandfather of the baby who died after Jan Tritten, Editor of Midwifery Today, and Christy Collins, CPM, the homebirth midwife caring for his mother, crowd sourced a life and death decision on Facebook. While Tritten and her Facebook friends were pondering his dire condition, Gavin died. After his death, Tritten and Collins tried to erase Gavin’s existence by deleting posts that they had written and by deleting and banning anyone who questioned them about the baby’s death.

On Friday, I received additional information about the circumstances surrounding Gavin’s death. Now Gavin’s grandfather has given me permission to share his email message below:

I want to say thank you and God Bless you for what you are doing to put the word out about what is going on with midwives and how things go deathly wrong. I am the grieving grandfather of Gavin Michael who died in Las Vegas on Feb 20 as a direct result of what Mid wife Christy M Collins didn’t do. My wife, family and I want to do anything we can to help get the word out and try to prevent this from happening to other families and to hopefully save other babies. God Bless you and please may we be in touch in the future?

Lee Grant Yeager

Thank you Mr. Yeager. I want to assure you that many people are working to be sure that Gavin is #notburiedtwice by the homebirth midwives involved in his death.