Attendant crowd sourcing another homebirth disaster in progress


When will these midwives and doulas learn that the response to a stalled labor is NOT to ask your Facebook friends? The correct response is to TAKE THE PATIENT TO THE HOSPITAL!

I’ve been alerted to another potential homebirth disaster in progress posted on the Birth Professionals International Facebook page.

homebirth in progress 4-6-14 1

Apparently this mother has been in labor for FOUR DAYS!

The suggestions range from the moronic to the criminally stupid, including:

homebirth in progress 4-6-14 2


homebirth in progress 4-6-14 3

And this:

homebirth in progress 4-6-14 4

Even with such shamefully negligent care, it is still possible this will work out okay, but the chances will be dramatically increased if they go to the hospital now. Let’s hope someone alerts them to this and that they do the right thing.