Jen Kamel, your purge of VBACFacts Community is doomed to failure


Poor Jen Kamel, her credibility and her income are threatened by the truth, so not only must the truth be deleted, but the VBACFacts Community must be purged of anyone who is not ideologically pure.



Unfortunately for Jen, and fortunately for babies and for women who appreciate the truth, her purge is doomed to failure. Why?

1. It is a glaring, blinking, neon lettered, sign of desperation. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that anyone who has to hide what she and her followers write KNOWS that it will not withstand the scrutiny of anyone who is really educated about childbirth.

2. It is a sign of profound disrespect for most women. Jen needs to purge the group down to those who are ignorant, gullible and ideologically pure. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge, intelligence or skepticism need not apply.

3. It dramatically cuts the reach of her views. You can’t convert anyone if you only preach to the choir.

4. It reflects a profound misunderstanding of who forwards screencaps to me. Sure there are regular readers who send me links and screencaps so we can laugh over them, but many of the links and screencaps that I receive come from people who joined the groups as true believers, but are concerned by the dangerous advice and encouragement, and the resulting dead babies that they learn about.

Vetting your group for ideological purity won’t help you, Jen, because what you write and the carnage that results will inevitably turn the stomachs of even some true believers. Perhaps you don’t care whether babies live or die in the pursuit of the vaginal holy grail, but many other women do care about dead babies. Indeed, I received the original screencaps from a long time member of the group who was astounded that no only were uterine ruptures dismissed, and not only were deaths considered irrelevant, but the members of your community are so clueless that they were congratulating themselves on their horrible results.

I have a message for those who were purged from the VBACFacts Community and cannot get back in:

You should be proud of yourselves that Jen cannot come up with evidence that you are ignorant enough, gullible enough and ideologically pure enough to be trusted to swallow the nonsense that Kamel spews. She cannot be sure that you won’t think for yourself, that you won’t do independent research, that you will believe whatever garbage she writes simply because she writes it. That’s a compliment.

So purge away, Jen. You’ve haven’t merely lost a battle; you’ve lost the entire war. Don’t think that I’ve won, though, because I’m not the one who faces preventable death from your vagina fetish. The babies whose lives won’t be lost are the winners when you are forced to hide your faux “facts.” I realize that you think a few dead babies here or there is a small price to pay, but the rest of us don’t agree. Most women love their babies more than the chance to brag about a vaginal birth. Too bad for you.