The Alpha Parent is caught lying

Alpha Parent liar

I’m sure you will be shocked, shocked to learn that The Alpha Parent has been caught lying.

Who would have thought that Allison Dixley, Kommandant of the Breastapo, would lie outright in her efforts to promote her personal brand of parenting? Sure she habitually spews mistruths, half truths and lies about breastfeeding. I guess she’s been getting away with it for so long that she figured she could extend the lying to C-sections.

What did she do? She posted this:

Alpha Parent Cesarean large

Given the wording, you might have thought that the ugly scar depicted in the image is a C-section scar. You would be wrong. It’s an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) scar. How do I know? Aside from the fact that the original image described it as an abdominoplasty, you can tell because it is approximately 3X longer, extending from hip bone to hip bone, it involves tremendous bruising, and it is clearly not the fresh incision of a recently pregnant woman since her abdomen is flat.

Allison was caught out by her followers and everyone else. It was the perfect visual representation of the fundamental dishonesty of the typical crap that she spews about breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Allison doesn’t deny that she illustrated her message about C-sections with a picture of an entirely different, far more extensive surgery. How does she she justify the deception? It’s dramatic license! Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor where I fell when laughing uncontrollably.

For those getting their thong trapped, remember this cosleeping ad? It wasn’t suggesting that babies actually sleep with knives. It’s called dramatic licence. Move on.

Alpha Parent excuse

Good to know, Allison. So that means that the image heading this post where I slap the label “LIAR!” on your logo is just dramatic license, too.

Bad news, Allison, your image does not represent dramatic license. It represents lying with images. As you so accurately point out, no one would look at the co-sleeping ad and imagine that it represents reality. It is a graphical analogy. You weren’t making an analogy with your image; you were simply telling a lie, trying to pass off an abdominoplasty incision AS a C-section incision.

No matter. What I love about people like Allison is that they make my job so much easier. I could tell you that Allison lies when it suits her purposes, but it’s far more powerful when she demonstrates her utter disregard for the truth. You can’t believe a word that woman says about breastfeeding, about C-sections or about anything else. She lies, and she thinks it’s okay to lie. You’d be a fool to take anything she writes seriously.