boasts about latest effort to exploit the woman in the “forced episiotomy” video

Open hand raised, Stop Exploitation sign painted, multi purpose

Poor Kelly!

Not only was treated disrespectfully by her obstetrician, but she’s been endlessly exploited by the folks at who have used her story to raise their own public profile while doing NOTHING to help Kelly.

You may remember when I wrote last fall about the exploitation (What has Improving Birth done for the woman in the “forced episiotomy” video besides exploit her?)

What has Improving Birth done to seek redress for “Kelly,” the mother in the video? Not a damn thing because they don’t really care about Kelly beyond using her for fundraising. They haven’t assisted her in filing an official complaint with the hospital, they haven’t helped her file a complaint with the California Board of Medicine, they haven’t helped her obtain legal counsel, and, most importantly, they have not outed the doctor and hospital where the incident took place.

What does Improving Birth recommend that viewers of the video should do:

Helps Improving Birth

What a surprise! Every suggestion — sign a petition, use social media to promote Improving Birth, attending an Improving Birth rally, tell a story of violation under the aegis of Improving Birth, and give money to Improving birth — benefits Improving Birth. And NONE of the suggestions benefit Kelly in any way!

Now they’re boasting about the latest plan to exploit Kelly.

Improvingbirth 1-29-15

Tomorrow, we’re accompanying Kelly to the police station with the video of her forced episiotomy, and to the hospital one last time to give them the chance to do the right thing before we publish their name and the name of her doctor. She is strong and courageous, but it will surely be an emotional day. Please send prayers and thoughts for Kelly–there are so many of us standing behind her!

You may notice that going to the police station was not one of the ways that I mentioned for Kelly to seek redress. Why?

Because the police can’t do anything for Kelly! They are too busy dealing with murders, robberies and rapes to file a losing assault case against a doctor and hospital who are likely to defend themselves in the courts as vigorously as the law allows.

Who could do something for Kelly?

1. A lawyer who files a lawsuit against the doctor in question
2. A lawyer who helps Kelly file a complaint against the doctor with the California Board of Medicine
3. Expert witnesses to testify at the legal trial that would be the consequence of her lawsuit

But those things cost money, and appears to spend money only to publicize itself, not to help people like Kelly. Heading to the police station is cheap grandstanding designed to obtain press coverage for

See? It’s a win-win for They don’t have to spend money on hiring a lawyer, and they get free publicity.

What about Kelly?

Who cares about Kelly?

Apparently, the folks at are extending their exploitation of Kelly from tragedy to farce. Birth advocates should take note. It costs money to provide real help to Kelly, and the money they raise goes to enhancing THEIR public visibility. It costs nothing to drag Kelly to the police station, have her share an intimate video with strangers who aren’t going to be able to help her, while garnering free publicity of

The publicity campaign started last night by boasting about the impending farce at the police station.

No doubt the folks at imagine that they are oh so clever.

Too bad that Kelly is being used yet again.