It all worked so perfectly … except for the part where the baby couldn’t breathe


Which came first, the homebirth or the narcissism?



[pullquote align=”right” color=”#E4A4B2″]Still in amazement that this lovely bonnie girl came out of my vagina! [/pullquote]

My HBAC this morning was at 42+1 and my little girl’s placenta was giant and healthy, zero calcifications or signs of age.


Too bad her baby was giant, but NOT healthy.




Please keep my little daughter … in your thoughts and prayers. Two hours after an amazing homebirth this morning @42+1, my very bonnie 9.8 lb little girl suddenly developed breasthing problems and MW had to call an ambulance and we raced to the city hospital. She’s being well looked after in NICU (and looking like the most enormous baby surrounded by tiny prems), but we still don’t know what’s causing her very laboured breathing 🙁




She’s doing OK, looks like she got fluid (may have been from her overly vigorous but slightly uncoordinated first breastfeed) on her lungs or possibly and infection. Just cuddled her and rocked her to sleep, and expressed her some colostrum…

Still in amazement that this lovely bonnie girl came out of my vagina! And I didn’t need stitches! It all worked so perfectly.


On what planet is a birth that ends with the baby in the NICU struggling to breathe and possibly suffering from pneumonia perfect?

Oh, right, on Planet Narcissist where the mother’s experience is more important than whether the baby can draw breath.

How perfect would the birth have been if the mother ended up in the ICU struggling to breathe? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the mother would not have found it so perfect at all, despite marvelling about the fact that a baby transited her vagina. But what’s a little trouble getting oxygen to your brain when it merely happens to the baby? No need to feel bad about that; she was just a prop in her mother’s festival of narcissism known as high risk homebirth.

The homebirth went perfectly … for the mother, and apparently that’s the only thing that matters.