PUSH BACK media round up


PUSH BACK: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting was published on Tuesday and there’s been quite a bit of media surrounding it.

Here’s a recap:

A Reddit AMA: more than 3000 up votes and over 2000 comments. I was typing for 6 hours straight!

Apparently it was such a great AMA that both Salon,“There is No Recipe to Create the Perfect Child”, and New York Magazine wrote about it, Is Attachment Parenting a Plot to Force Women Back into the Home?

I was interviewed by Elissa Strauss for Slate, Birth Is Not Performance Art.

I wrote:

For WBUR, Adele is Right — the Pressure to Breastfeed is Fu–ing Ridiculous.

For MindBodyGreen, Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Getting an Epidural: An OB-GYN explains.

For Cosmo, These Parenting Philosophies are Deeply Anti-Feminist.

For Health.com, 4 Things New Moms Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About.

I was interviewed by:

The Austin Statesman, Stop feeling guilty about what happens during birth, infancy.

The Canadian National Post, Feel free to opt for the epidural sans guilt.

SteadyHealth.com, Feeling Crippled By the Natural Parenting Philosophy? It’s time to Push Back.

So far on Amazon there have been nine 5-star views and one 1-star hate review!

Up next:

An excerpt of PUSH BACK on Refinery29.com.

A piece for WebMD.

An interview with The Cut at New York Magazine.

An interview with Glamor Magazine.