Anti-vax mud wrestling

Danger Sinking Mud (left of frame)

Some people clearly enjoy mud wrestling with anti-vaxxers. I’m not sure why since it only encourages them and since they don’t have enough basic science knowledge to understand what people are telling them. If you feel you must engage with prolific anti-vax commentors, please do so here. I’m closing several other comment threads because they are about to crash the site.

  • From JGC:

    Your evidence that all the data from all the epidemiologic studies performed by all the researchers associated with every public or private public health agency in all the nations that have attempted to discover any evidence of a causal association between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders has been ‘massaged’ etc., rendering the study conclusions invalid would be what exactly?

    Be specific.

    I mean you do actually have some, right?

    Your argument does take some form other than “That evidence doesn’t count because CONSPIRACY THEORY!?”

  • I’ve been asking for years if anyone has any evidence that people they say are being paid, are in fact, being paid.

    So… it here if you do.

    Acceptable forms of evidence:

    -Internal instruction documents
    -Testable falsifiable definitions that run both ways.

  • Andrew Lazarus

    I think it is critical that visitors and lurkers get a sense of how irrational and logic-impaired antivaxers are.

  • N

    I’ll put this here, as this spot was mend for anti-vax mud-wrestling.
    1. I’m no good at researching things, can’t tell apart what is really science and what not.
    2. Knowing this I’ve still tried to “do my research”. I’ve asked Dr. Google “Do vaccines cause autism”.
    The funny thing was, that I had as many links saying “Yes, it does” than links saying “no it doesn’t”. Reminds me a bit of that Monty Python sketch, … “That’s not an argument”-“yes it is”-“no it isn’t”-“yes it is”-“no it isn’t”…

    Than I asked google: What causes autism. And the first link was to an autism center, autism specialists, and they clearly say: we don’t know what causes autism! We are looking in many different directions, it may be genetic, at least in part, but we don’t know!

    So, links that say “yes it does”, seem all to be from anti-vax-groups, where as people working on autism research don’t say that at all. That’s funny, isn’t it.

    I also found a link to a story from a mother whose daughter developed autism without having been vaccinated.

    So, I think I will continue to trust my pediatrician and continue to vaccinate my kids.

    My little one does not develop speech as the two big ones did. He is some funny kind of late talker. It could be the vaccines, it could be the bottles of formula he had in the first 3 days of his live, while I was fighting death due to blood loss, it could also be genetic, as his granny didn’t talk until she was two either.

  • Rhybellious

    I just want to thank the people who responded to my rant about our home
    health agency “firing” us because we demanded vaccinated caregivers. In really appreciated the support, but even more than that it helped to get some concrete suggestions for how to respond. I’ve made complaints to the state licensing board, the health department, our insurance company and osha. We haven’t found a good fit for a caregiver yet, but I’m sure we will.

  • Christopher Hickie

    Wish we have anti-virus software against anti-vaxxers….

  • Mud
  • Mrs.Katt the Cat

    Huzzah! Somewhere to use up all the troll food I have lying around.

  • Amy

    Speaking of mud…..some new special fancy probiotic mud company called “Good Dirt” or “Mother Dirt” or something like that is now sponsoring my local NPR affiliate. *headdesk*

  • Barzini

    Oh look, an echo chamber…..

    • The Computer Ate My Nym

      A thread set up specifically for you to have a chance to disagree with the blog’s owner is an “echo chamber”? How post-factual of you.

  • The Computer Ate My Nym

    But are we wrestling in free range organic paleo mud or evil genetically modified autistic mud made by Monsanto?

    • momofone

      It depends upon whether or not the mud was vaccinated.

  • MaineJen

    It’s just…it’s just so fun. It’s an easy win. They’re so hopelessly deluded.

  • Michael McCarthy

    One name, Barzini.

    • Roadstergal

      New verb – “To Barzini.” To ask for facts and then dismiss them when they’re provided.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    ‘Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.’ ~ George Carlin

  • corblimeybot

    Sorry, Dr. Amy.

    • Amy Tuteur, MD

      No problem. I’m just trying to contain the crazy.

      • shay simmons

        There’s something from Shakespeare about ‘as well bid the leviathan come ashore’ that comes to mind, here.