More passive-aggressive crap from lactivists

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Galina Nemirovsky, in Who Cares How She Feeds Her Baby?, is so not judging you.


I don’t care how you breastfeed your baby or don’t breastfeed your baby, yet our whole country has been engaged in a dialog about if it’s OK to see photographs of women fulfilling biology’s mission.

Galina is so not judging you. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to fulfill biology’s mission for women.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Who cares if you’re a lazy slob who feeds her baby formula?[/pullquote]

The fact that we entertain a choice as to how we feed our babies is by the grace of modern science and it’s not natural – but it is sufficient and it keeps children alive, just like dialysis is not natural but keeps people with kidney failure alive.

Bottle feeding is fine! Of course, it’s not natural, but that doesn’t mean Galina is judging you for giving your precious baby second best.

What I find most absurd is the dichotomy of how people have an uproar of judgments about how parents feed babies, yet by the time the children have reached three and the mothers are feeding their children processed chicken fingers at McDonald’s, no one is pointing fingers or sharing Instagram posts.

Just because you’re a lazy slob who feeds her child Chicken McNuggets (processed food — oh, the horror) doesn’t mean Galina is judging you for being a lazy slob who feeds her baby processed infant formula.

Why might other women criticize your decision to bottle feed?

It’s a psychologically established fact that our criticism of others comes from our insecurities.

Really, Galina?

I’m not saying we all shut up and nod along; I suggest asking two extra questions before you attack, “How does it really affect you?” and “Is it really your business?”

Galina, when it comes to other women’s infant feeding decisions I’m happy to to tell YOU to shut up and nod along.

How does another woman’s decision to bottle feed her baby affect you? It doesn’t, so why are you blithering passive-aggressive viciousness about it?

Is it really your business how another woman feeds her infant, Galina? No, it isn’t … but, as you helpfully remind us, your criticism of other women comes from your own insecurities.

Oh, and thanks for the helpful lesson on how to be thoroughly unsupportive while pretending that you’re providing support.