VBAC Facts Academy, the Trump University of natural childbirth

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Like most sanctimommies, Jen Kamel of VBAC Facts is ostentatiously suffering from sadness:

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]There’s a sucker born — hopefully vaginally —every minute.[/pullquote]

It breaks my heart when I hear of a first time mom having a cesarean at 9cm simply because she went two hours without cervical change. Such a waste…

Kamel follows with a parade of horribles, including:


Will she have an easy recovery?

Does she have friends and family to support her emotionally, physically, and maybe bring her a warm meal?

Will she mourn her cesarean? If so, will she stuff those feelings deep down because, as she is told over and over, it doesn’t matter how the baby gets here?

Will her partner be a safe place or will they, too, tell her it was “for the best?” …

Kamel is grooming women to believe that a C-section means they are defective. To wit:

Will she believe her body is broken? …

Kamel hopes so, because she plans to profit from women’s despair.

You can mitigate your sad fate by simply sending Kamel $330 — 3 easy payments of $110/no refunds — for Kamel’s insights about VBAC at VBACFacts Academy, Kamel’s version of Trump University.


It’s Marketing 101: convince people that they have a problem they didn’t know they had, then sell them the “solution.”

Who is Kamel and why would you care about what she thinks? As far as I can determine, Kamel’s professional education and experience is limited to commercial real estate. She has no medical, nursing or midwifery training. She’s cared for ZERO pregnant women; she’s delivered ZERO babies.

Kamel comes from the “Seen on TV” school of marketing:


Kamen apparently thinks her potential clients are morons. A  PDF of her slides is worth $30? Her handouts are worth $60? Membership in her Facebook group is worth $100? They are worth nothing because the exact same “insights” are available FOR FREE on any natural childbirth website including VBAC Facts itself.

I bet I can save you the $330 by summarizing the entire 6 hour video series in a few sentences:

Kamel believes vaginal births are best. If you had a C-section it was unnecessary. Regardless of your personal health history you are an ideal candidate for a VBAC. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

In other words, VBAC Facts Academy is a scam on par with Trump University.

Who’s foolish enough to pay for this crap? Beats me.

Like hucksters everywhere, Kamel seems be channeling the ultimate huckster, PT Barnum. Her motto appears to be:

There’s a sucker born — hopefully vaginally —every minute.