Petition: End shaming, ableist language about infant formula!

Close up portrait of a crying woman with bruised skin and black eyes

There has never been any confusion about the meaning of “infant formula,” but lactation professionals are engaged in a campaign to rebrand it in shaming, ableist language. It started in 1996 with the publication of lactation consultant Diane Weissinger’s “Watch Your Language”:

“Artificial feeding, which is neither the same nor superior, is therefore deficient, incomplete, and inferior.”
This rebranding has been promoted enthusiastically by lactation professionals and their organizations. It has led — as it was intended to do — to feelings of shame, guilt and self-hatred among women who can’t or don’t wish to breastfeed.

We call upon lactation professionals and their organizations to immediately end the use of shaming, ableist language in all their efforts.

Such language has no place in the ethical provision of medical care including breastfeeding support.

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