Dr. Biter wants money

Dr. Biter has resurfaced and he’s asking for money:

Dr. Biter has resigned from Scripps Encinitas with full OB, gynecological & surgical privileges! At this time, he still has the ability to do full inpatient & outpatient gynecological care & see patients for prenatal visits with a plan for individualized care…

Sure he got his privileges back … as a condition of his immediate resignation. Who benefited from this? Dr. Biter, of course, by avoiding a Board of Medicine investigation into the events leading up to the suspension of privileges including the 6 pending malpractice suits.

The great man has a message for his supporters:

I am happy to say that I still am able to do 100% of my gynecological practice (see below for a complete list). As far as my OB practice goes, my staff & I are currently arranging the schedule only for pregnant women at this time. In many OB practices, a doctor sees a patient at some visits and a stranger delivers. You know that I do not practice that way. Everything that I have done has kept you, my patients, as first priority. This has cost me hospital privileges that I rightfully won back, a lot of money, and even more nights of lost sleep. I don’t know what to say to reassure you other than that. My commitment to you has never been up in the air. My refusal to allow your birth to be a political or financial deal has put me into this unwanted situation, but you and your baby are worth it. Ours is a huge trust of faith….keep the faith. Birth matters.

In other words, Dr. Biter has not been able to get privileges at any hospital. Possibly, Dr. Biter can no longer practice obstetrics at all, because his malpractice carrier refuses to cover him (OB and GYN coverage are separate) or is demanding an exorbitant fee since he has 6 pending lawsuits.

Dr. Biter details the services he will provide:

Full prenatal care with individualized delivery plans available

Gynecological Services:

1. Annual Pap Smear

2. Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening and Treatment

3. Breast Health

4. Treatment of Abnormal Pap Smears Including: Leep, Colposcopy, and Biopsies

5. Minimally Invasive Hysterectomies

6. Hysteroscopies to Evaluate Uterine Lining or Polyps

7. Adolescent Health

8. Ultrasounds for Pain, Abnormal Bleeding, and/or Ovarian Screening

9. Prenatal Ultrasounds for Home Birthers

10. Rectal Prolapse Reconstruction

11. Pelvic Prolapse Reconstruction

12. Vaginal Support Reconstruction

13. 3D/4D Ultrasounds

14. Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment of Abnormal Bleeding

15. Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

Gynecological surgeries will be performed by Dr. Biter at Carlsbad Surgery Center located at …

Simply put, Dr. Biter offers prenatal visits, but cannot deliver your baby. He also offers routine GYN care and minor surgeries that can be performed at a surgi-center, but no major surgery.

But Dr. Biter wants your money. He wants it so badly that he hasn’t even bothered to set up a tax free foundation before asking for it. He wants it so badly that you must send it directly to his bank account.

Help us keep the dream of Babies by the Sea Birthing Center and its mission alive and well. Here is how you can help:

1. Use the DONATE NOW PayPal link on this website to make donations to the Birthing Center Fund. At the present time this fund is not tax deductible. Dr. Biter is not managing this account. Any monies spent must be approved by an independent Board of Directors. A 2.9% charge will be taken out of the donation if credit cards or debit cards are used on PayPal.

2. If you prefer to send checks please make payable to Robert Biter, MD and send to …

3. Deposits can also be made at any Chase Bank location. The account number is …

No one should be fooled; the chances that this birth center will open are slim since Dr. Biter must obtain obstetric privileges at a hospital and he must obtain obstetric malpractice insurance. If you donate money, Dr. Biter will be free to keep it whether he ever opens the birth center or not.

Dr. Biter, you should be ashamed. You have made fools of these women by encouraging them to protest on your behalf while withholding information about your malpractice history. Now you are trying to get these women to donate their money to YOU (you haven’t set up a tax free foundation) and there is a very real chance that you will never practice obstetrics in California again.