Dr. Wonderful???

The supporters of Dr. Robert Biter, the San Diego obstetrician whose privileges have been suspended by Scripps Encinitas can’t seem to figure out why this has happened. They ought to check the public records of the San Diego Superior Court website. Evidently Dr. Biter has been sued 6 times in the past 5 years! That must be some sort of record, especially when you consider that he has only been in practice since 2001.

For perspective, consider that almost all obstetrician are sued once in their career and many are sued twice, but being sued three times or more is far less common. Scripps Encinitas has been named as a co-defendant in 4 of 6 lawsuits including 2 lawsuits filed within the past 5 months. It’s hardly surprising that the hospital has taken the opportunity to review Dr. Biter’s status as an obstetrician at their hospital.

Correction: a previous version of this post reported 7 lawsuits. There appear to be only 6 lawsuits with one listed twice in the public record.