Introducing Skeptimommy

Skeptimommy [skep-ti-mom’-ee] noun

Faster than a speeding toddler. More powerful than pseudoscience. Able to leap logical fallacies in a single bound. Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Skeptimommy!

Introducing a social network for skeptical parents, Skeptimommy: Parenting Powered by Science! Skeptimommy is a place to connect with those looking to educate themselves about the science behind parenting choices. Most importantly, though, parents will be able to interact with other like minded parents through discussions, chats and to create their own groups organized around specific topics like natural childbirth and vaccination.

It’s not only about serious issues, though. Participants have their own pages and can share their own thoughts and stories, as well as pictures and videos. And unlike a Facebook group, they can preserve their anonymity if they desire.

Membership is open to anyone and I welcome those who disagree to create pages to express their views and take part in discussions and every other aspect of the network.

Skeptimommy is a work in progress. I’m just learning its features and capabilities as well as how to manage it and code for it. I apologize for any glitches or mistakes in advance. I welcome any and all feedback. If you want features that aren’t present, let me know and I will try to add them. Ultimately, this is a place for the people who use it, so Skeptimommy will be very responsive to your imput. Let me know what you think.