The pathetic attention whoring of homebirth advocates

You can’t make this stuff up.

I’ve written many times about the narcissism of homebirth advocates. There are people like Janet Fraser and Annie Bourgault who probably meet the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, given that they let their babies die at homebirths and feel not one whit of remorse.

Then there are the garden variety narcissists like Gina Crosley-Corcoran, the Feminist Breeder, who apparently misses the attention and fan devotion of her years in an all girl band, and resorted to spreading her legs for a live streaming homebirth so any Tom, Dick or Harriet who cared to click could watch.

But it’s getting harder and harder for homebirth narcissists to get their fix of attention and adulation. Live blog your homebirth? It’s been done. Live tweet your homebirth? Ditto. Livestream your homebirth. Ho hum. Simply letting a camera crew take crotch shots is just not the attention getter that it used to be.

What to do? Hire a publicist and spend some serious bucks. Professional publicists are really, really expensive, though, so to save money, you can advertise on That’s what Nancy Salguiero is doing:

I am looking for someone to contact all major media networks, tv, radio, and newspaper, by phone to get coverage for a news story and follow up with sending them info via email and having them contact me for the story. I am streaming my home birth live online any day and want to get as much coverage leading up to it as possible.

Who is the pathetically desperate Nancy Salguiero? She’s a chiropracter AND a birth coach. According to her website which promises to empower you through birth and beyond:

… I am a mom to two wonderful children and have a third on the way. My belief and passion in birth started when I was in Chiropractic College. I attended a seminar on birth trauma and why children need chiropractic care. This is where I learned what was happening to moms and babies through our current birth environment and was outraged. I also learned the potential that we all have to go through this process without this unnecessary interference, leaving moms empowered and allowing babies to gently and safely make their way into the world.

What is an empowered birth?

For me an empowered birth is one where I am the one who makes the decisions for me and my baby. Where I am in an environment of love, support, and respect for the power within my body to successfully birth my baby.

Love, support, respect and … an audience, because nothing says love, support and respect like an audience of strangers watching your crotch.

Best of all, Nancy is doing this for you. Here, let her tell you in her own incredibly verbose way:

And look at all the helpful information she tweeted today just for YOU:

That’s right. Seven tweets and 3 are informing YOU of her upcoming homebirth and one is press release to give YOU (and the media, of course) more information about her upcoming homebirth. If that’s not concern for you, what is?

I’m afraid her desperate attempts to assuage her pathetic need for attention is doomed to failure. Livestreaming a homebirth is so yesterday. Nancy needs to up the ante if she wants media attention. My helpful suggestions:

Homebirth in the killer whale tank at SeaWorld (homebirth with dolphins has been done to death).


Homebirth outside in a hurricane to demonstrate the power of birth AND the power of nature.

Or, if Nancy really wants to be authentic, daring and get lots of attention:

Homebirth in Afghanistan … far from midwives, hospitals and all those icky interventions like sterile stuff.

It’s natural. It’s normal and Afghan women (are forced to) do it everyday. I don’t know about you, but I’d watch Nancy if she did that.