What were they thinking?

I’ve written repeatedly about the scandalously poor care provided by many UK midwives in hospitals. Here’s an example of malpractice at home.

UK midwives apparently have no monopoly on stupidity. The mother, Julie received moronic advice on Facebook from a self-employed New Zealand midwife.

From a VBAC activist Facebook page (I have corrected the spelling errors for ease in reading):


I had a C-section with my first fully asleep as he was breech and big, then 5 yrs later gave birth in hospital – but was cut and stitched with no pain relief – agony, then had another C-Section 7 yrs later due to baby in distress, then had another C-section 9 yrs later due to pre-eclampsia in 2008 and I am due again in 8 weeks and planning a home birth with community midwives who are supporting my decision . The doctor at my surgery informed social services of my decision for the home birth and not to immunise saying I was putting my baby at risk, they wrote to me and said i was within my rights to choose what I wanted! The doctor who did this got my blood pressure up to its highest point in this pregnancy!!

We have no hospital in our town now, so it would be a while until i got to a hospital should an emergency arise, but I have read on line of many women who had a healing and pleasant birth experience, even after many C-sections, by having their baby at home. I am trusting God and believe thinking positive instead of all the negatives will help things go well…


I am 43 and 41 weeks pregnant & going for a VBA3C at home. I am 3 cm dilated after a membrane sweep to try to bring things on today. My waters broke on the 19th Feb, due date was 23rd Feb. I have agreed to a membrane sweep every 3 days if I don’t get into regular contractions. I have had irregular contractions and backache since the 19th.

They also found a swab showed i have something called GBS but my husband and have looked it up and it seems that most women carry this – there is apparently a 10% chance of it being passed onto baby, and could be fatal or brain damage if so!

The solution is to have a IVF drip with antibiotics, but only when in established labour, which i am not. A Caesarian doesn’t clear it either (phew) and i cannot be induced and don’t want to either. So there is no solution as far as we can see? Any advice please?


I am still waiting!!!! I am slowly losing faith that i will homebirth this baby 🙁

I am two weeks since my SROM and 1 week over my due date, with no signs of contractions getting closer or more intense, just intense backache at times and the odd intense contraction!!!
The swab I had with the GBS strep B came back as having grown, whatever that means, we don’t really understand it – so we are so unsure of what we should do next apart from wait!!!

Self-employed midwife Michelle Goodhew

Obviously you are keeping a close eye on baby with your midwives Julie… There is quite a bit of information of GBS and a good Cochrane review written on the subject. BTW you can give antibiotics at any stage, oral in pregnancy is fine too. Or some use garlic cloves for a more natural approach. It is a very transient bacteria but can be detrimental to babies as you mentioned. Take care Julie… have you seen a homeopath, tried acupuncture etc to get labour going?


Hi Michelle, we came in hospital in the night as i had meconium on my pad, our midwives met us there and sorted everything out that we desired – i.e. no sheet up in theatre so we could see baby arrive when they did, and for me to hold my husband whilst i had the spinal, then we had a BABY GIRL named FLORENCE ROSE. She isn’t breathing alone, and is in special care – we are trusting God for her full health.

Thank you for all your support, it has been so helpful.


Florence is critical as she has not been able to breathe alone since birth, she has been sedated so as not to knock out her tubes, the medical people just keep telling us she is very poorly. I hope God chooses to keep her here on earth.


She remains stable, but good news today – i got to change her nappy. She had a lumbar puncture today to see if she has meningitis, as she has an infection. She is sedated at the moment. I will try to update you further.

The test came back clear from meningitis although they said they are observing the sample for growth over the next few days. She is still sedated and not taken any of my colostrum yet, it’s all in the fridge.

No update yet today.