Lisa Barrett wins!

Congratulations to Lisa Barrett!

Whereas Lisa Barrett has done more than any single individual to expose the scientific ignorance, moral bankruptcy, and narcissistic self regard that is the heart of homebirth advocacy …

Whereas by presiding over 4 separate homebirth deaths, Lisa Barrett has made a priceless contribution to convincing women that homebirth is dangerous and that homebirth midwives care more about improving their status and lining their own pockets than whether babies live or die …

And, whereas, Lisa Barrett has steadfastly refuse to apologize for the hideous waste of human life that has occurred at her hands …

Lisa Barrett is hereby inducted into the Homebirth Hall of Shame.

Way to go, Lisa!

First runner up Hannah Dahlen and the Australian College of Midwives are still eligible for induction into the Homebirth Hall of Shame in the future. Their willful misrepresentation of the Australian coroner’s report is a masterpiece in the growing body of midwifery literature that attempts to subvert regulation of dangerous rogue practitioners. Pretending that requiring midwives to provide accurate information represents a limitation of maternal autonomy is a classic tactic that is sure to be emulated by homebirth midwives everywhere.

Honorable mention to:

Australian homebirth midwife Joy Johnston for her hideous comparison of a “traumatic” IV to 4 homebirth deaths.


American homebirth advocate Rixa Freeze, PhD (in American studies) who criticized the coroner’s report without even reading it.

My profound thanks to all four women. They’ve done more to discredit homebirth than I ever could.

Keep up the good work, ladies. I’m counting on you!