Switching to a new server

In light of the fact that the Echo comment system is being discontinued in a few weeks, I’ve been forced to move the comments to a new system. I also took the opportunity to move to a new server, which allows more options in blog design.

The switch is imperfect. Although all the blog posts imported correctly, there are many, many problems with imported comments. I’ve been working for the past week on trying to fix the problems, but I’ve decided to bite the bullet and switch. I intend to continue working to recover as many of the 130,000+ comments that I can. They are not lost; I have them all. The problem is getting them to display correctly in the blog. In addition, sometimes the comments imported successfully and display correctly, but the comment count does not appear. Finally, any comments posted over the weekend were not imported and are missing.

I apologize in advance for these problems and for any problems you have in signing up for the new comment system. Many of you may already be signed up with Disqus and others will be able to sign in with Facebook and Twitter.

Please let me know about any problems you are having with commenting and I will do my best to fix them.