No, Gisele, natural childbirth promotes violence

Giselle Bundchen, sanctimommy extraordinaire, has stepped into it again.

You may recall that after her first child’s birth, she graced us with her thoughts on breastfeeding.

“… Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child, when they are so little?’” she tells Harper’s Bazaar UK, The Daily Mail reports.

“There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months,” she adds.

Now, Giselle graces us with her thoughts on hospital birth. In a typically humble gesture, Giselle has included a section on her website on the Meaning of Life. Giselle allowed a member of  Birth Around the World (not One World Birth as I originally mentioned) to post about “birth without violence.” (cached here)

Frederick Leboyer, a French physician, described the birth under the baby’s perspective, in his book “Birth without violence” published in 1975 was revolutionary for its time. In his book he describes the feelings and perceptions of the baby during the birth process, showing how birth can be traumatic for the newborn and how we can help make this transition happen in a more loving and gentle way…

The lights with a brigth focus upon over the baby that cannot even open his eyes so with such clarity. Leaves a tight place and now feel unprotected with all the space. The umbilical cord is cut immediately, the baby is suddenly forced to breathe and the baby cries.

Everyone is happy with that shrill cry, but it’s a cry of pain. Where is my mommy? Where are they taking me? The baby is taken to be assessed and often go for hours until he can get to snuggle his mother, but what they need at this moment is each other.

The feeling raised: Fear. Fear of suffering, fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of abandonment, fear of childbirth. The society is surrounded by this fear that is evident by the high cesarean rates in Brazil and in most countries.

But at Gisele’s homebirth:

As Gisele described in an interview : “I wanted to be very aware and present during childbirth. I prepared a lot, doing yoga, meditation. I had a very gentle birth at home, he was born and spent the whole time on my lap, never went away from me (…) With each contraction he was closer to me, I transformed that intense feeling into a hope see him closer to me. “

And how is that different from hospital birth? Surprise! It isn’t!

Moreover, my research shows that natural childbirth and attachment parenting promote tyranny, mass murder and a variety of other ills. In fact, natural childbirth causes violence.


Of history’s greatest tyrants, men such as Hitler, Torquemada, Henry VIII, Attila the Hun, etc., nearly all were born vaginally. The only potential exception is Julius Caesar, reputedly born by way of the eponymous Caesarean section.

Almost all of history’s greatest tyrants were breastfed … exclusively.

The long term effect of giving birth without pain medication is dreadful. 100% of the children born to women who gave birth before the advent of anesthesia in the mid-nineteenth century are now dead.

Vaginal birth is a risk factor for Communism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin were all born vaginally.

Breastfeeding is a risk factor for plague. Nearly 100% of people who died of the Black Death were breastfed.

Attachment parenting played a major role in imperialist expansion in the US. Fully 100% of the invaders who displaced the Native American population of this continent were born vaginally. Moreover, fully 100% of the Native Americans who were unable to resist the advent of the invaders were breastfed.

Breastfeeding is a risk factor for violent behavior. Almost all Viking marauders were breastfed.

Nearly all slave-holding Americans, plantation owners and the entire Confederate army were born vaginally.

Not a single Crusader was born to a woman who had an epidural in labor.

Vaginal birth is a risk factor for anti-social behavior. Roman emperors Caligula and Nero, as well as Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden (who committed patricide AND matricide) were born vaginally.

Breastfeeding leads to transmission of disease. Typhoid Mary was breastfed.

Hospital birth promotes technological progress. Desk top computers, iPhones, Skype and Twitter did not exist until the proportion of US births occurring in hospitals rose above 90%.

What is the cause behind these incontrovertible facts?

First, we’ve known for centuries that deep seated prejudice is “imbibed with mother’s milk.” I’ve never heard of anyone imbibing hatred with Similac, so the obvious solution is to promote formula feeding.

Second, as Dr. Michel Odent has insisted, oxytocin is the love hormone and some women clearly don’t have enough love. The solution is oxytocin supplements. Fortunately, pitocin has the exact same chemical composition of oxytocin, so it seems clear that, to be on the safe side, all labors should be induced or augmented with pitocin.

Finally, epidurals ought to be mandatory in labor. The mothers of the greatest tyrants in history gave birth without pain relief and look what happened as a result.

No, Gisele, hospital birth is not violent; it actually prevents violence!

Gisele and I do agree on her final quote:

Wilhelm Reich, said: “The Civilization begin on the day that the welfare of newborns prevail over any other consideration.”

That, of course, would mandate hospital birth, where, in the last 100 years, the neonatal mortality rate has dropped 90% and the maternal mortality rate has dropped 99%.

What’s truly uncivilized is when women like Gisele, who have no knowledge of science, statistics or obstetrics, who actually think they are doing “research” when they read the blatherings of nitwits like Fredrick LeBoyer, put their birth “experience” (and bragging rights) ahead of the lifesaving interventions of modern obstetrics … and pretend they are doing it to prevent violence.

Tell me, Gisele, how peaceful is the birth if the baby is born dead?

  • Amber V

    Well, that was a little dramatic…

  • mari

    come on, this is ridiculous! you don’t even have real arguments:
    “Vaginal birth is a risk factor for Communism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin were all born vaginally.” what? capitalists was never born in the same way? What about Ford or Taylor, for example? They were born by caesarean section? Or maybe Abraham Lincoln was?

    another stupid sentence: “Breastfeeding is a risk factor for plague. Nearly 100% of people who died of the Black Death were breastfed.” really? do you have a control goup that was not breastfeeded and exposed to the plague, at that time?

    give as a break! medicine must be based on REAL evidence, ok?!


    • Wren

      You pretty much missed the point, huh?

  • Edith

    This is what passes for a medical professional deemed fit to operate on living, regnant humans. America is lost….

  • TheMechanicalAdv

    There is a valid point in this article. However, Dr. Tuteur, in her typical duplicity, buries it amid satire. Although real orgasmic birth is probably impossible by people, it may well occur by aquatic mammals (I’ve seen a seal doing it on a nature show on TV), whose brains are protected by a thick layer of cutaneous fat. People, uniquely among land mammals, have cutaneous fat, although not around the skull. Perhaps our ancestors had skull fat which was lost as their brain size increased. And it seems people have a reflex left over from an ancestral orgasmic birth.

    Without the protection of skull fat, this reflex inevitably damages a baby’s brain. To compensate for this, innate human intelligence increased far beyond what was necessary for survival, so there would be enough left over after the damage. The invention of drugs that significantly inhibit this reflex, starting with chloroform, may well have allowed this untapped intelligence to be put to use.

    This dashed the hopes of mystics, because it revealed that the new brain power they foresaw would free us from material thinking actually reinforced it and in many cases vindicated it. They saw how the scientists, quite rightfully, had laid claim to the analgesics and were using them along with interventions that greatly improved the survival rate of women in labor and their babies.

    They countered this by launching a campaign of tranquility through fantasy, which led the scientists to make the interventions increasingly unnecessary and violent, in order to establish themselves as realists.

    Bombshellrisa has revealed that Dr. Tuteur has tried home birth, twice. It seems she bought into the mystics’ agenda, and is now using her money and authority to attack the science-based medicine industry from within their own ranks.

    Dr. Tuteur has monopolized the voice of reason against the deceitful fables of the home-birthers, but twists it to make it seem ridiculous. Thus she is advancing the cause of home-birthers in their campaign — not to kill babies, but to stupefy them, so as to protect the mystical traditions against the growing tide of intelligent inquiry. Someone who really cares about science and the humanities needs to step up and reclaim medical logic from this two-faced hack and her band of fake adversaries.

    • theNormalDistribution


    • Box of Salt

      “but twists it to make it seem ridiculous”

      Have you read your own comment? No twisting necessary.

    • Bombshellrisa

      “I’ve seen a seal doing it on a nature show on TV” How did you know the seal was having an orgasm?

      • TheMechanicalAdv

        I don’t. Just like I don’t know any people are either. But it was doing something recognizable as something people wish for, and which depended on the baby’s skull fat.

        The point is that a wish, however grand, is objectively wrong for a person to pursue if it necessarily harms another person. And Dr. Tuteur, although admitting that home-birth is harmful, neglects to mention the basic instinct that home-birth midwives are hijacking.

        She claims that obstetric procedures are based entirely on science, and home-birthers counter that obstetrics is driven by its profit. Surely she knows these are both part of a song-and-dance. There is an economic motive in obstetrics, but it leads to loss, not profit, because it’s a sabotage planted several decades ago by home-birthers before the two industries separated.

  • Kelsi Shelton

    JAAndy– I second that. My heart is going to explode reading all of this.

  • Kelsi Shelton

    Being drugged, strapped to a gurney, sliced open, stitched back up and left with a medical bill twice the amount of a vaginal birth isn’t so peaceful either.

  • Kelsi Shelton

    Please, before you buy in to this biased, inflammatory, blanketed, over-generalizing argument, educate your self. Tuteur asks how a mindful, home birth without medical intervention is any different than laboring in a hospital!? And then she continues,

    “Vaginal birth is a risk factor for Communism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin were all born vaginally.”

    Is this a joke or a feeding frenzy for people unable to think critically whatsoever? I’m hesitant to even spend my time rebuking this post, in the hopes that no one would take Tuteur’s argument seriously. To say that vaginal birth causes tyranny and violence is embarrassingly laughable.

    Laboring without unnecessary (a key component which Tuteur fails to incorporate in to her argument) medical intervention has been done since the beginning of time. Women’s bodies are MADE to labor without men or MD’s intervening for the sake of their own convenience and making it home for dinner in time. (The highest C-Section rates in the US are at dinner time, when doctors want to get home, and around 10pm, again, when doctors want to get home.) There should not be a time limit on vaginal birth for the sake of doctor’s convenience.

    Look at the statistics and listen to your own intuition before buying in to medical (a billion dollar industry–follow the money trail) propaganda. I labored with a midwives (3 midwives by my side, monitoring the baby and guiding me through it the entire time) and they cared for both me and the baby better than I could have asked.

    The WHO and several other organizations warn that the death rate and Cesarian rate in the US is inexcusably high. This is largely due in part to the lack of education on women’s part to know how to advocate for themselves and have the confidence that they can labor without the utter dependence on a medical doctor stripping them of confidence and power. (I’m referring to LOW RISK, HEALTHY pregnancies, another aspect Tuteur totally disregards in her argument. Midwives will only do a home birth if it is a low risk, healthy pregnancy with no history of birth complications, because they, too, see the benefit and importance of medical intervention and birthing in hospitals when necessary.)

    Home birthing and laboring without pain medications and unnecessary interventions can work WITH the medical community (freeing doctors up for those who really need them). There is NO need for divisive, polarization on this issue.

    • Guestl

      Kelsi, have you ever heard of a thing called satire?
      What does the WHO say about the US section rate, Kelsi? Can you please provide that information?
      Do midwives work pro bono, Kelsi? Did your three midwives work for free? How about doulas? How about the multimillion dollar industry surrounding natural birth — is no one there making any money at all?
      Can you tell me how women’s bodies are made to give birth, Kelsi? Mine isn’t. Mine isn’t even made to get pregnant and carry a baby all that well. I was able to conceive and bear a child only with medical intervention. Am I defective as a woman, Kelsi?
      What about women in developing countries, who lose their babies and sometimes their own lives every single day — were these women improperly made, Kelsi? Or do these women and their babies tend to die because they lack interventions, not because of them?
      Do you know anything about how humans evolved? There’s a whole lot of wastage. How many eggs were you born with? How many sperm will a man produce during his lifetime? How many children will you have? How many miscarriages?
      Midwives only handle low risk birth? Really now? Do you really believe this? Read on, Kelsi. Read the stories of homebirth twins, postdates, AMA, VBAC, GBS+/no abx, on and on and on it goes.
      You’re ignorant, but so was I when I first came here. Stick around, read, pay attention. And welcome.

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