Are we supposed to be impressed you risked your baby’s life at homebirth?

Homebirth advocates are braggarts.

Perhaps there’s a homebirth advocate who has treated homebirth as an intimate family event, but I haven’t heard of it. The mode of birth is part of the birth announcement, no opportunity to boast about it goes unfulfilled, and, most importantly, video is posted on line so that all 7 billion people in the world can applaud what is apparently the greatest achievement some women will even attain: a baby passed through their vagina.

And of course, the greater the risk they took (risk to the baby, not to themselves), the greater the glory.

Ironically, only a small community of like minded believers is impressed. The vast majority of people recognize these women for what they are, selfish narcissists, recklessly willing to let their own babies die to impress their peeps.

Here’s a perfect example. Are we supposed to be impressed that a woman who had two previous C-sections, a homebirth stillbirth, and 6 miscarriages chose to risk the death of her son by having a homebirth at 44 weeks?

Color me unimpressed, just disgusted.