Thinking about homebirth? You must watch this video.

Over the years, I’ve talked with many people about homebirth and there is one thing that really stands out. The vast majority of people, whether laypeople, journalists or even homebirth advocates themselves, don’t realize that homebirth midwives aren’t real midwives.

They don’t know that homebirth midwives (certified professional midwives or CPMs) are a second, inferior class of midwife that exists in no other country than the US. CPMs lack the education and training required of ALL other midwives in the industrialized world.

Regular readers know that I have written about this over and over again, but I’ve always wished I had the opportunity to explain it face to face. That’s why I made this video. It gives me the opportunity to discuss this issue in a conversational way, raising and addressing the questions that people typically ask.

The video is long, and I’m planning on creating multiple shorter videos to address each of the covered issues separately.

Feel free to share the video, email it or embed it in your own website; and of course, any feedback of suggestions are appreciated.


Here’s the first excerpt. It clocks in a 2:33.