No hatting, chatting or patting

No hatting

This is not satire.

I have written before about the outrageous practice of hatting. I thought that homebirth midwives could not exceed that demonstration of idiocy, but I was wrong. Now there’s the picture above.

From the Facebook page of Ancient Art Midwifery Institute run by Carla Hartley of Trust Birth whose motto is:

There is one simple, yet profound, birthtruth: Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky!

How can something as simple as putting a hat on a baby precipitate a maternal hemorrhage or affect a baby’s health for the rest of his life? Let me save you the $40 and tell you. It can’t.

Thanks to Carla for demonstrating yet again that homebirth midwifery is a toxic mixture of  startling ignorance and unreflective defiance.

And now I have a question for homebirth advocates. Are you really so gullible that you would believe this nonsense? And if you recognize this for the nonsense it is, why would you believe anything that comes out of the mouths of these fools? Most important, why would you hire one of these clowns to attend your birth?