Raeanne’s stuntbirth plan

Fool Rubber Stamp

Ahh, stuntbirth, also known among aficionados as freebirth or unassisted childbirth (UC).

Stuntbirthers like to pretend to themselves and others that this is how birth happens in nature (no, across all times, places and culture, birth is assisted), that birth is so deeply personal and “sexual” that a couple must experience it alone (really, then why do stuntbirthers post videos of it on YouTube for all the world to see?) and that it is safe. The entire practice would be nothing more than a punch line were it not for the fact that it kills babies. Indeed, both the leading American and Australian advocates of UC, Laura Shanley and Janet Fraser, have ended up with dead babies as a result.

Unassisted childbirth has no benefit for the baby and poses very serious risks. It is a form of medical neglect based on appalling ignorance and extraordinary selfishness and self-absorption. Don’t believe me? Consider Raeanne’s stuntbirth plan, found (where else?) on Mothering. com. Unfortunately, I cannot share the whole inane document, and it will almost certainly be deleted by the folks at MDC when they find that it is being ridiculed, but I can share the high points, starting with the fact that Raeanne dodged a bullet with her first baby (my first was 19 days “late”) and cannot tell the difference between luck and wisdom.

Early labor:

  • Make sure everything is cleaned up and in order in the house (no clothes or toys laying around where Raeanne could trip or bleed on them)…
  • If laundry needs to be washed throw a load or two in.
  • Start dishwasher if needed.

Pretty clever getting her husband to clean the house using labor as an excuse.

Active labor:

  • Maybe recommend a shower too? Help her blow dry her hair if she wants…
  • Remember that sometimes a red/purple line will appear between a woman’s butt cheeks that can indicate how dilated she is. Check for that! If it is slightly below the tailbone she’s at 6 or 7 cm. if it’s at the top of butt crack she is probably around 10 cm! Take a picture so Raeanne can help you analyse…
  • For emergency childbirth procedures refer to Emergency Childbirth by Gregory White!

Yup! In an emergency, just refer to the book. That’ll work.

The baby:

  • Make sure baby is breathing!
  • The most important thing is skin to skin contact (with a blanket draped over mother and baby), hearing familiar voices, a relaxed atmosphere, leaving the cord attached …

It’s hard to imagine that anyone is so ignorant that they actual believe that the “most important thing” is skin to skin contact, but stuntbirth aficionados are nothing if not gullible.

How about postpartum bleeding?

  • If placenta has not been delivered give Angelica: 1 dropper full under the tongue every minute as needed and up to 3 times.
  • If placenta has been delivered give Shepherd’s Purse 1 dropper full under the tongue every minute as needed (up to 3 doses) and a dime-sized slice of the maternal side (membrane side that was attached to the uterus) of the placenta to tuck into her cheek and get baby to nurse asap!
  • Ice cubes on the bottoms of her feet. This causes strong contraction through the sympathetic nervous system, and it also slows circulation and decreases bleeding.

Really? Really??!!

Hopefully Raeanne and her baby will survive her own stupidity, but, if so, that will only be luck … which Raeanne will never realize because she is an ignorant fool.