Blogging is like marriage …


The Alpha Parent Arrogant is at it again.

The Alpha Parent Arrogant is a sanctimommy extraordinaire: obnoxious, self-congratulatory and anxious to make all the other mommies feel bad.

The best part about the Alpha Parent Arrogant is that she is always ready to share her wisdom with the rest of us. She doesn’t hesitate to point out the deficiencies of your parenting practices (in other words, how your parenting choices differ from hers). She doesn’t hesitate to make dire predictions about what the future holds for your children. She never hesitates to bemoan your lack of understanding of the key issues of childrearing, letting you know that you are not as “educated” as she is.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. The Alpha Parent Arrogant has surpassed herself this time.

Her new meme:

Breastfeeding is like Marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.

That’s pretty much a work of art. It manages is to be simultaneously offensive, guilt inducing, inaccurate and self-aggrandizing. But I’ve gotten use to expecting nothing less from the Alpha Parent Arrogant.

Here’s a thought, Alpha Parent Arrogant:

Giving advice is like marriage. You can’t shame your partner and expect it to work.

And here’s another:

Blogging is like Marriage. You can’t be a narcissist and expect it to work.

Apparently the Alpha Parent Arrogant is shocked, shocked by the blistering contempt with which her little aphorism was greeted.

And in her typically offensive way, she tries to defend her obnoxiousness.

For anyone that still has their panties up their crack with regard to the “Breastfeeding is like Marriage” meme I posted yesterday, here is my defense posted on The Leaky Boob

Charming, no?

It motivates mothers to trust their bodies, to re-evaluate any urge to supplement.

Formula feeding≠infidelity. (DO I SERIOUSLY NEED TO SAY THAT?)

You’re missing the point. This meme has nothing whatsoever to do with formula feeders in the main. It’s about mothers who are trying to breastfeed. Cheating= harms marriage as supplementing= harms supply. The meme is a simple cause and effect comparison. It says nothing of shame or morality. It compares the stress of cheating on a relationship to the stress of supplementing on your supply.

Here’s the technical term for this “explanation.” It’s bullshit!

C’mon, Alpha Parent Arrogant. Surely you can do better than the classic defense of the passive-aggressive narcissist: “Who me? I didn’t intend to hurt you. You just took my obnoxious, self aggrandizing attempt to denigrate you the wrong way!!

I can understand why this picture enraged so many people. Most women supplement, so the majority of women looking at this will have been triggered in some way, great or small. In the MAJORITY of cases, supplementation leads to a complete switch to formula. These are FACTS and I hasten to add, their truth is what frustrates people most. But if you’re offended because you’ve supplemented, that’s your beef. The meme isn’t aimed at you. It is aimed at the pregnant mother or the new mother getting to grips with breastfeeding who can heed the warning.

In other words, if you’re insulted, it’s because you deserve to be insulted.

No, Alpha Parent Arrogant, no one is frustrated by the truth. They are simply appalled by your viciousness.

Here’s the way I see it, Alpha Parent Arrogant:

You are nothing but a garden variety jerk.