Elder Babyslaughterers


I don’t need no stinkin’ education!

My autonomy is more important than whether your baby lives or dies!

Don’t you dare hold me accountable!

That seems to sum up the prevailing views on the Facebook page of Elder Midwives Babyslaughterers. The “philosophical musings” of these buffoons could be dismissed as ludicrous, except for the fact that they have left the tiny bodies of dead babies in their wake. Indeed, the Facebook page is a veritable rogues’ gallery of babyslaughterers.

What’s a babyslaughterer? A babyslaughterer is a midwife who ignores the growing pile of tiny bodies, babies who died preventable deaths as a result of her direct or indirect professional actions. My view of involuntary babyslaughter is that a newborn death resulting from taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk should be considered criminally negligent babyslaughter. It’s the homebirth version of involuntary manslaughter.

A perfect example of what passes for logic among these clowns can be found in this thread discussing the fact that uncredentialed self-proclaimed midwives are not eligible to travel on medical missions. You can read the full thread of nonsense for yourselves (and I’ve already screen-capped it in case of deletion). These clowns have worked themselves in a frenzy of indignation that anyone dares to have standards of any kinds for homebirth midwives.

I’ll just share a few highlights.

Lorri Carr Licensed Midwife: I despise that kind of exclusionary attitude. I was asked once to participate in the volunteer maternity care efforts for wives of deployed soldiers, then when they found out I was not a CNM they retracted the request. Hmph. Then they whined because they had no providers … imagine that.

Imagine that. They didn’t want to third world women to be cared for by lay people masquerading as midwives.

Carol Gautschi don’t need no stinkin’ education, either.

Midwife Carol Gautschi: Lol! No degree makes a midwife! Only GOD makes a midwife! Good thing we KNOW that!


Babyslaughterer Gloria Lemay seems to think this thread, like everything else, is about her and how she feels.

Gloria Lemay: so many of my dumb transfers when I started could have been prevented if I had had a “safe”, more experienced midwife to call. Unfortunately, the midwives that I called would gossip about me not knowing something and that made it unsafe for me to call…

Just in case you thought these self-proclaimed “midwives” were something other than buffoons, Shannon Mitchell can disabuse you of that bit of wishful thinking.

Shannon Mitchell: VBAC is not high risk because there is no true definition of high risk. It’s imaginary. Created. She may be at a higher risk than some other mothers or she may not. The point being that a normal birth is EXPECTED, which makes her NOT high risk.

Someone asks about the proposal that all US midwives should meet the international standards promulgated by the International Confederation of Midwives:

Lorri Carr Licensed Midwife: I took a peek at them, and they do seem vague enough to allow for some autonomy.☺

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

But the best illustration of these “midwives” ignorance, self absorption and refusal to take accountability comes from this thread, discussing a homebirth death at a birth center.

Gail Hart re>>>Does accountability need to be taken, did wrongful deaths occur, is it a witch hunt, how would this be looked at the same thing happened to a medical professional in the hospital, should that medical professional have to take more responsibility by law as wel [sic]>>>>

Let’s take it in easy bites.


“Accointability [sic] is a slippery word: for most people the word equals “revenge’ . And in that meaning, I aswer [sic] “No”.
If you mean should an explanation be found? I anser [sic] “Yes”.

RE>>>>> did wrongful deaths occur,>>>>>

Wrongful — as in “preventable” – yes these should be discoered [sic].

RE>>>> is it a witch hunt,>>>>>>

RE>>> how would this be looked at the same thing happened to a medical professional in the hospital,>>>>

Doctors are generally protected, and excused even when the death was preventable or caused by actionns [sic]…

Accountability equals revenge? Accountability is a witch hunt? Doctors are protected and excused in the wake of perinatal deaths?

Are these women for real?

Unfortunately they are, and the sooner they are restricted from “practicing,” by the imposition of large fines and jail sentences, the safer the rest of us will be.