Homebirth advocates, have you no shame?

Self pity

Awww, Katie Jenkins McCall (remember Sisters in Chains) is feeling angry.

Katie McCall 1

Why? Because her buddy, self-proclaimed “midwife” Vicki Dawn Sorensen, was arrested just because she allegedly presided over the death of a very premature baby after insisting that homebirth would be fine, interfered with an ambulance crew trying to rescue a hemorrhaging mother, lied on medical records, and may have multiple dead babies buried on her property.

Well, you know what, Katie? I’m feeling angry, too.

I’m feeling angry because ignorant, arrogant, irresponsible clowns like you support homebirth with ignorant, arrogant, irresponsible self-proclaimed midwives who fail to meet the basic qualifications for midwives in ALL other industrialized countries.

I’m angry because it doesn’t matter a damn to you that babies die at the hands of these ignorant, arrogant, clowns like yourself. All that appears to matter to you and your buddies, is your pocketbook.

I’m angry because you confuse your ability to fleece unsuspecting pregnant women with “birth freedom.” The only freedom you and your buddies appear to be interested in is the freedom from safety standards, taking responsibility and being held accountable.

I’m angry because it in your privileged white, middle class woman way you think YOU are persecuted just because a bunch of babies are dying preventable deaths at the hands of your buddies. You have no idea what persecution is.

You have no idea what ethics is, either. Ethics involves caring about the LIVES of the babies in your care. It involves caring about the LIVES of the pregnant women in your care. It does not involve your ability to profit despite your substandard education, substandard training, and overweening arrogance in thinking that you are capable of caring for human beings.

Donating to a legal fund for any midwife who is accused of hideously negligent substandard care because you like homebirth is like donating to the Aaron Hernandez defense fund because you like football. It betrays a fundamental contempt for the lives of the people you are supposed to serve.

Does Sorensen deserves a lawyer. Of course she does, and the State of Utah is obligated to provide her with a public defender, not a “lay” lawyer, not a self-proclaimed “lawyer,” not an self taught “lawyer.” Although homebirth “midwives” think that “lay,” “self-proclaimed” and “self-taught” are okay when it comes to medical care for women and babies, they are concerned enough about their own hides that they don’t want to settle for a public defender, but want to hire a professional who requires a $50,000 retainer. It would be the height of irony if it weren’t so tragic.

Katie, I have some unsolicited advice for you and your buddies:

Stop pretending that you are midwives; you are poorly educated, poorly trained lay people.

Stop attending homebirths. Too many babies have died because of clowns like you.

Stop prattling about “birth freedom.” This has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with responsibility.

Stop giving new meaning to the term “blood money” by donating to support women who should not be allowed to care for anyone, let alone vulnerable women and babies.

And please, please, please stop feeling sorry for yourselves! You are not oppressed. You are not persecuted. You are just ignorant, arrogant and terribly dangerous.