Deleted from Birth Pages, a new Facebook group

Media blind - censorship concept

The world of natural childbirth is remarkably totalitarian.

It is filled with websites, blogs and Facebook pages that enforce ideological conformity by deleting dissenting comments and banning anyone who does not agree with the claims of natural childbirth advocates. I’ve created a new Facebook group, Deleted from Birth Pages to serve as both a repository and a public forum where those who have been deleted and banned can share screencaps of comments and discussions that have been expunged.

Women who are researching natural childbirth and homebirth are being hoodwinked into thinking that everyone agrees with natural childbirth and homebirth advocates. At Deleted from Birth Pages, they can learn the truth, both about the duplicity of many claims and about the amount of deleting and banning that goes on to prevent them from learning the truth.

It is a public group, so everyone is welcome; anyone can post screencaps or report being banned, and there are no restrictions on comments.

Please share your screencaps!

Don’t forget: when you post a comment that you think will be deleted from a birth page, be sure to screencap it at the time that you post it. Dissenting comments often disappear in the blink of an eye.

In addition, feel free to dig out old screencaps and post them, too. It doesn’t matter so much when they occurred since one of the points we want to illustrate is how very, very often it happens.

When a comment (or entire thread) is deleted from a birth page, post the thread on Deleted from Birth Pages, and we can continue the discussion there. All are encouraged to participate.

My hope is that Deleted from Birth Pages will become an important source of information for women researching the truth about natural childbirth and homebirth.